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Red Bastien (1931-2001)


Real Name - Rolland G. Bastien
Birthdate2/19/1931 - 8/11/2001
5'10" 200 lbs - Dallas, TX

Athletic Background - Football, Swimming (High School)

Teacher(s) - Henry Kollan, Einar Olsen; Verne Gagne, Joe Pazandak

Professional Background - Midwest(`47-`5?), Portland(`56-`57), Texas(`57), Charlotte[JCP](`58-`59), Chicago(`5?-`6?), WWWF(`59-`60), San Francisco[AWA](`61-`68), Vancouver(`65), Australia(`67), Florida(`68), San Francisco[NWA](`69), AWA(`71-`73), IWE(`71), Texas(`72-`74), San Francisco[NWA](`72-`73), San Francisco[AWA](`77-`78), California(`80)

AliasesTexas Red

Groups - none

Peak Years - `59-`71

Finisher(s) - 
Flying Head Scissors
Atomic Drop
Abdominal Stretch

Favorites - 
Double Knee Strike
Hip Toss

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Red Bastien has had many lives in pro-wrestling. He broke in as on the Midwest carnivals, fighting local toughs and learning grappling in a truly unique way. Then he found himself at the center of the pro-wrestling world in Chicago when it was a national powerhouse due to the advent of television wrestling. From there he toured the States and the world with great success everywhere he went for the next three decades. After retiring from the ring, Bastien became involved training, promoting and most notably he became the president of the Cauliflower Alley Club, a fraternal organization for pro-wrestlers. His early years yield for colorful stories and turned the athletic Bastien into a hardened grappler while he was still a teenager. While serving in the Navy, Bastien began wrestling professionally under a mask before getting his discharge papers. From there on, he became one of the premier workers of the day. Bastien developed an exciting style with aerial maneuvers and a certain vigor that got him over big as a babyface. In spite of his stature, Red Bastien had star potential that was directed toward tag team wrestling. First, he and “brother” Lou Bastien became the “Atomic Redheads” and a hot act in New York and Chicago. After that he began jumping from partner to partner, including The Crusher and Hercules Cortez (who died in a tragic car accident). Then in the late 60s, he was paired with another redhead, Billy “Red” Lyons. Both were older veterans, but their act blended together and the “Flying Redheads” became part of the AWA’s deep roster in the 1970s. After that run, Bastien’s career began winding down as he began focusing on training, promoting and working with CAC in the 1980s and 1990s. He had a handle in starting the careers of Sting and the Ultimate Warrior, but his CAC presidency has eclipsed the other accomplishments of his retirement years.