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Real Name - Sionne Havea Vailahi
Birthdate - 9/8/58
6'5" 295 lbs.- Charlotte, NC

Athletic Background - Rugby, Powerlifting, Sumo (Sandanme)

Teacher(s) - Red Bastien

Professional Background - Indies(`81-`83), Kansas City(`83), WCCW(`83), Memphis(`83-`84), Georgia(`84), WWC(`84), NWA/JCP(`85-`87), Kansas City(`85) AWA(`85-`86), Florida(`87), Kansas City(`87), WWF(`88-`92), WCW(`92), New Japan(`92-`93), WWF(`94-`95), WCW(`95-`00), Indies(`00-), WLW(`00), WWC(`01), IWA-Japan(`04)

AliasesSachinoshima, Tonga John, King Konga, Konga the Barbarian, Super Assassin #2, Sionne

Groups - Paul Jones' Army, Heenan Family, Dungeon of Doom, First Family

Peak Years - `86-`92

Finisher(s) - 
- Tongan Kick / Kick of Fear (Yakuza Kick)
- Flying Clothesline
- Flying Headbutt

Favorites -
- Powerbomb
- Press Slam
- Powerslam
- Sideslam
- Lariat

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Hard to believe that someone as tough and solid as the Barbarian only saw such minimal success in the pro-wrestling world. An awesome physical specimen with athletic ability to match, the Barbarian was given break after break in the 1980s.  In the 1970s, he was one of several young men sent by the Kingdom of Tonga to study sumo in Japan.  After a mediocre short career, he relocated in the US and transitioned to pro-wrestling.  He spent a few years working smaller companies before he started getting breaks as a monster heel.  In the years where steroid-inflated bodies ruled, Barbarian had a definite appeal.  He was part Road Warrior and part Wild Samoan, which made him perfect fit to be opposite Hawk and Animal.  Paired with the Warlord, given face paint and a mohawk, “the Powers of Pain” were one of many Road Warrior clone teams that came along. They never caught fire because they lacked the charisma of the Roadies and separately they were still unable to become premier stars.  Barbarian ended up being outfitted with fur and antlers and largely was relegated into the midcards.  His other notable team was the Faces of Fear with legendary tough guy Meng, whom he had pursued sumo more than twenty before.  Although WCW never pushed the team strongly, they had an interesting legitimacy about them. The Barbarian may not have had an impact like he might have, but he was always in the hottest promotions as a midcard talent. Tough guys are often the ones putting over the top guys and Barbarian is a great example of that reality.