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"El Mesias" Ricky Banderas

Real Name - Gilbert Cosme

Birthdate - 5/25/75

6'1" 245 lbs. - Bayomon, PR

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - n/a

Professional Background - Indies(`97), Mexico(`98), IWA-PR(`99-`06), Japanese Indies(`99-`01), BJW(`05), AAA(`06-`07), IWA-PR(`07), AAA(`07-), WSX(`07), TNA(`07-`08,`13), WWC(`09-`12), LU(`14-)

AliasesRicky Banderas, Asesor Cibernetica, Muerte Cibernetica, Banderas, El Mesias, Judas Mesias, Mil Muertes

Groups - Los Intocables, Starr Corporation, Los Hermanos en Dolor, La Compania, La Cruz del Diablo, La Religion Secta Muerte Cibernetica, La Legion Extranjera, La Sociedad

Peak Years - `06-`14

Finisher(s) - 

- Flatliner / Straight to Hell (Jumping Complete Shot)

- La Patriota (Scorpion Deathlock)

- Frog Splash

- Snap Powerslam

- Chairshot

Favorites -

- Powerbomb

- Uranage

- Spear

- Suicide Dive

- Lariat

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set7

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - After years of anticipation and hype, Lucha Underground delivered a distinct brand of pro-wrestling that combined elements of lucha libre and independent wrestling with supernatural fantasy that was a shock to many.  In this unique universe, one of the most significant events was the arrival of Gilbert Cosme on the American scene.  After wrestling in three decades all over Latin America, the Puerto Rican star was given a perfect opportunity to showcase all of his strengths in the character Mil Muertes.  Cosme made his start on the island of Puerto Rico.  His original ring name, Ricky Banderas, was an amalgamation of Latin celebrities Ricky Martin and Antonio Banderas and he was pushed as a patriotic babyface at first.  After teaming with Gran Apolo for a time, Banderas turned heel.  As part of the Starr Corporation, Ricky Banderas began turning into a darker character.  “El Mesias” was a new sort of heel who struck a nerve with the conservative fans reared on Catholicism.  The IWA became one of the hottest pro-wrestling companies in the world and Banderas was one of their premier stars.  The Puerto Rican style, always known for its wild and bloody brawling, was importing the more gimmick-oriented “hardcore” style and Banderas excelled in that environment.  Feuding with Slash Venum, Vampiro and Ray Gonzalez, Banderas was able to become as big a star as he could on the island.  Puerto Rican talent tended to just jump between the IWA and WWC, but for Ricky Banderas, he wanted more.  In 2006, Banderas finally began working extensively outside Puerto Rico and has become arguably the most successful of any of the stars who have left the island.  He signed with AAA, buddying up top star Cibernetico under a masked persona (Muerte Cibernetico) and working on top against La Parka.  After a rivalry with Cibernetico ended with his apparent death, it was clear he had proven himself to be worthy of a main event spot.  Ricky Banderas wrestled around South America, returned to Puerto Rico and appeared with the short-lived Wrestling Society X.  At AAA’s Rey de Reyes show in 2007, Banderas was reborn as El Mesias.  Heading up his own faction, Mesias feuded with Cibernetico as part of a huge push.  He also emerged in TNA as Judas Mesias, the dead-eyed, blood-spitting son of James Mitchell and feuded with Abyss.  The brother-vs-brother feud was an  overbooked copy of the Undertaker-vs-Kane feud and it never really took.  Banderas also began returning to Puerto Rico, but this time he showed up in WWC to battle Ray Gonzalez and Carly Colon.  In 2014, yet another dark character was created for him to play.  Mil Muertes was a poor Mexican orphan turned sadistic monster under the guidance of his mysterious valet Catrina.  While Lucha Underground has its critics, Mil Muertes has been one of its biggest stars and best talents that the group has showcased.