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Awesome Kong

Real Name - Kia Stevens

Birthdate - 11/4/77

5'10" 272 lbs. - Carson, CA

Athletic Background - 

Teacher(s) - Jesse Hernandez [School of Hard Knocks]; [L.A. Dojo]; [AJW Dojo]

Professional Background - AJW(`02-`04), GAEA(`04-`05), LLPW(`03-`04), NEO(`03-`10), Oz Academy(`04-`06),  ZERO1-MAX(`05-`07), HUSTLE(`05-`07), SHIMMER(`06-`10), Indies(`06-`12), TNA(`07-`10), ROH(`10), WWE(`12), Indies(`12-) TNA(`16), AEW(`19-`20)

AliasesKia Stevens, Amazing Kong, T-1 Mask #1, Margaret, Kharma

Groups – Makai Majo Gundan, Real Evil Makers, Kongtourage, The Dollhouse, The Nightmare Collective

Peak Years - `04-`10

Finisher(s) - 

- Kong Bomb (Liger Bomb)

- Implant Buster (Double Underhook Facebuster)

- Avalanche (Big Splash)

- Amazing Press (Flying Splash)

- King Kong Klothesline (Lariat)

Favorites -

- Uraken

- Neckhang Slam

- Avalanche

- Dangerous Torture Rack

- Chop

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set8

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - When New Japan established the LA Dojo in 2002 there was no way to know just how productive it was going to be.  During its five years, it was the training ground for a number of future stars, but some might forget that a young Kia Stevens went through on her way to the All Japan Women’s Dojo.  Whether it was an attempt to play off the legend of Aja Kong, an attempt to create a female equivalent to Bob Sapp, simply an attempt to produce a classic monster foreign heel or a combination of all those - the Amazing Kong was an immediate hit.  Loud-mouthed and violent, her persona played off long-standing racism toward blacks in Japan.  However, she was pushed far beyond her talent and tore through the dying joshi puroresu companies.  She was able to work with the best, she improved quickly and even enjoyed a reign with the WWWA title.  Although Amazing Kong or her silly alter-ego Margaret continued to appear in Japan for years, she began appearing for the new SHIMMER promotion.  TNA brought her in, renamed her Awesome Kong and gave her a big push.  The company’s Knockouts Division had a decent collection of talent led by Gail Kim and Awesome Kong was perfect foil for her.  The two had a remarkable run that opened many eyes to the potential of women’s wrestling.  The WWE eventually came calling, but her short run as Kharma was forgettable.  While that might have been an unceremonious finale to her career, she kicked out in a big way.  She was cast in the role of “Welfare Queen” on the Netflix series GLOW and was able to show off a different dimension of her personality to American audiences.  Kong also showed up in AEW and made some noise there as her established monster heel character.  From the Amazing Kong, one of the last stars created in the old joshi puroresu system, to Awesome Kong, one of the harbingers of the women’s wrestling boom in the US, she is one of the most significant women wrestlers of the last twenty-five years.