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Kurt Angle

Real Name - Kurt Steven Angle
Birthdate - 12/9/68
5'10" 250 lbs. - Pittsburgh, PA

Athletic Background - Freestyle Wrestling (`96 Olympics - Gold Medal), Football (High School)

Teacher(s) - Dory Funk Jr. (Funkin' Conservatory); Tom Pritchard

Professional Background - PPW(`99), WWF/WWE(`99-`06), TNA(`06-`16), New Japan(`07-`09), IGF(`07), AAA(`12), WWE(`17-`19)

Aliases - none

Groups - The Alliance, Team Angle, Angle Alliance, MEM (Main Event Mafia), Immortal

Peak Years - `01-`06

Finisher(s) - 
- Ankle Lock
- Olympic Slam/Angle Slam (Spinning Samoan Drop)
- Super Belly-to-Belly
- Rear Naked Choke
- Moonsault

Favorites -
- Rolling German Suplexes
- Overhead Belly-to-Belly
- Release German Suplex
- Grounded Side Headlock
- European Uppercutt

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set10

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Kurt Angle is only one of two legendary pro-wrestlers to enter the sport with an Olympic Gold Medal to his name.  He was a highly accomplished athlete and his amateur career and credentials are amazing even without the Gold Medal. As a freestyle wrestler who beat larger and stronger wrestlers and overcame incredible injuries throughout that career, Kurt Angle became highly regarded within the sport. After transitioning to professional wrestling and gaining ample seasoning, Angle was hot-shotted and lived up to his push. Armed with his credibility and the gift of gab, Angle became one of key stars when the WWF was at its peak. Over the next few years, the WWF/WWE may have declined in its ratings, but its in-ring quality was perhaps never higher thanks to athletes like Kurt Angle. He bounced between a goofball comedy act, an overwhelming technician and an intense wrestler with an MMA-influenced style. Despite his many successes, Angle's body began breaking down, he has lost a lot of his bulk and began struggling with substance abuse. The WWE tried to repackage doing a less physically taxing style, but his demons were too much and he became the most high profile wellness policy dismissal by the company. Kurt Angle made a tremendous debut in TNA and while many feared for his health, he thrived with the lighter schedule and had amazing matches with the company's X-Division wrestlers. Kurt Angle became infamous for teasing an MMA fight or another Olympic shot, while continuously struggling with personal problems and cumulative injuries. Kurt Angle seems like a walking anomaly. He was a legit amateur with no love of pro-wrestling who became one of the best pro-wrestlers in the world. He was a clean-living and pious man who found himself mixed up with various substances and offensive storylines. He was a broken down shell of man who was able to have the "match of the night" most every night. This duality makes him a fascinating product of pro-wrestling and thankfully not the casualty that some feared.