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Andre the Giant (1946-1993)


Real Name - Andre Rousimoff 
Lifespan - 5/19/46 - 1/29/93 
6'10" 350 lbs. - Ellerbe, NC

Athletic Background - Rugby, Soccer, Boxing

Teacher(s) - Eduard Carpentier

Professional Background - France(`63-`70), IWE(`70-`73), Montreal(`71-`73), AWA(`71-`83), WWWF/WWF(`72-`91), Mid-Atlantic(`73-`78), Dallas(`73-`75,`78,`80), Toronto(`73-`83), San Francisco(`74,`76-`77), Los Angeles(`74-`77), Vancouver(`74-`75), Portland(`74,`78,`80), St. Louis(`74-`83), New Japan(`74-`86), Kansas City(`74,`77-`82), Florida(`74-`83), Georgia(`74-`82), Amarillo(`74,`77-`78,`80), Gulf Coast(`74), Detroit(`74,`76-`77), Knoxville(`74), Brazil(`74), Maritimes(`75), Houston(`74-`75,`83), Indianapolis(`76), Calgary(`77), Australia(`78), Tri-State(`76-`78), Houston(`77-`79), Hawaii(`77-`79), Mid-South(`80,`82-`83), Los Angeles(`79-`81), Montreal(`80), UWA(`80-`84), Vancouver(`80-`81), WCCW(`83), Memphis(`83), Mid-Atlantic(`81-`83), WWC(`83), All Japan(`90-`92), UWA(`92)

Aliases - Jean Ferre, The French Giant, The Giant, Monster Eiffel Tower, Monster Rousimoff, Giant Machine

Groups - Heenan Family

Peak Years - `72-`80

Finisher(s) - 
- Corner Butt-Ram 
- Tombstone 
- Big Splash 
- Big Boot

Favorites - 
- Bodyslam 
- Bearhug 
- Trapezius Hold 
- Headbutt 
- Chop

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set
 Science 3
 Aerial 2

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - In his career, Andre the Giant saw few titles, but unbelievable success. His size and strength took him to a pinnacle that few men have ever or will ever reach. In the wrestling world, he was a huge draw and outside of it he was a big star as well. He had a roles in "The Princess Bride" and the "Six-Million Dollar Man" and had a big feature in Sports Illustrated. The Giant commanded attention and lived a challenging, but fun-filled life inside in outside of the ring. He roamed the Earth from the late 60s until the early 80s before settling in the WWF and collected a paycheck to do very little. He was arguably the biggest star of the 70s with perhaps only an "NWA Champion" tag could equal his drawing power. His international fame is unprecedented as he captured huge followings wherever he competed from France to Australia to Japan, Andre was an icon of pro-wrestling. Modern fans remember him for the Wrestlemania III match with Hulk Hogan that drew an exceptional crowd of over 70,000.