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Bad News Allen (1943 - 2007)


Real Name - Allen James Coage
Lifespan - 10/22/1943 - 3/6/2007
6'3" 285 lbs. - New York City, NY

Athletic Background - Judo (1976 Olympics - Bronze Medal)

Teacher(s) - Antonio Inoki (New Japan Dojo); Peter Maivia

Professional Background - New Japan(`77-`79), WWWF(`78,`79), Los Angeles(`79), New Japan(`80-`81), Los Angeles(`81), Stampede(`82-`84), Australia(`82), Stampede(`85-`86), New Japan(`84), WWF(`84), Hawaii(`85), New Japan(`86), Florida(`86-`87), New Japan(`87-`88) Stampede(`87), WWF(`88-`90), New Japan(`90-`91) GWF(`91), Indies(`91-`99), UWA(`92), New Japan(`92), UWFi(`95), AGPW[Maritimes](`97)

AliasesBuffalo Allen Coage, Bad News Brown, Bad News

Groups - House of Humperdink

Peak Years - `79-`89

Finisher(s) - 
- Ghettoblaster (Enzugiri)

Favorites -
- Hip Throw
- Bodyslam
- Headbutt
- Sidekick
- Measured Punch

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Bad News Allen is one of the most intriguing characters in pro-wrestling history. He was a top flight judoka in the 1970s and had a lengthy career in that sport. Unfortunately, Coage never achieved the accolades he strived for, presumably because of discrimination. After that career, he transitioned to pro-wrestling through New Japan Pro-Wrestling. Bad News Allen, as he became known, became a top gaijin for the next decade. He developed into a mean brawler who dominated his babyface foes and got great heat all along the way. In Stampede, Allen solidified his status as one of the premier heels of the 1980s and helped the territory boom again and eventually fall. His feuds with smaller, more athletic faces like the Dynamite Kid and Bret Hart became hot acts in the early 1980s. However, it was a heated feud with the veteran heel Archie Gouldie that pushed things over the top and even led to Stampede losing its licensing in Calgary and Allen getting suspended. Although they had a blowoff, it was never what it could have been. After his time in New Japan and with Stampede slowing down, Allen signed with the WWF. Promises of a championship run turned into a feud with champion Randy Savage, but he was eventually stuck in the midcard and wallowed away. That experience soured Bad News to the business and his bad knees, advancing age and potbellied look kept him from much success in the 1990s. He had returns to Japan, Mexico and Western Canada before a knee surgery ended his career. Bad News Allen is often remembered as a vicious heel with militant black undertones to his character. Most interestingly though, he is one of the very few Olympic Medalists who reached a top spot in the pro-wrestling world. It is a dichotomy that only professional wrestling could produce.