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Lord Alfred Hayes (1928-2005)

Real NameAlfred George James Hayes
Lifespan8/8/1928 - 7/21/2005
5’9” 238 lbs. - Westminster, England, UK

Athletic BackgroundJudo [7th Dan Black Belt]; Soccer

Teacher(s)Sir Atholl Oakley

Professional BackgroundEngland(`50-`52), Joint Promotions(`52-`5?), France(50s-60s), Lincoln(`5?-`66), Joint Promotions(`66-`71), Amarillo(`71-`72), Kansas City(`71-`72;`74), St. Louis(`74), Maritimes(`75), Amarillo(`76), AWA(`77-`80), Florida(`80), Montreal(`83), Mid-Atlantic(`81,`83) WWF(`82-`95), AWF(`96)

Aliases"Judo" Al Hayes, White Angel

Wrestlers - Imperial Russians (Nikolai Volkoff & Chris Markov), Bobby Jaggers, Masked Superstar, Billy Robinson, Super Destroyer (Don Jardine), Super Destroyer Mark II (Sgt. Slaughter), Super Destroyer Mark III (Neil Guay)

Peak Years - `52-`62

Place in HistoryGenerations of pro-wrestling fans in Britain and the United States saw Al Hayes in his various incarnations.  To some he was a credible heavyweight as British pro-wrestling was on the rise and to others he was a masked crusader who fought evil.  In the US, he took on several roles as a pompous bad guy wrestler, then manager and perhaps most famously he was a well-spoken buffoon.  He was one of many Britons who tried his hand in the States, but few saw as much success.  Al Hayes was the youngest judo player to ever reach his black belt level in Britain.  It was that impressive skill that encouraged influential Sir Athol Oakley to recruit him for pro-wrestling.  He was assumed several key roles in his early years as a heavyweight champion and a talent scout.  The French-speaking Hayes was regularly heading to the Continent as it was a hot period for pro-wrestling in France as the hugely successful L’Ange Blanc character was taking off.  Al Hayes was one of the top heavyweights in Britain by the late 1950s.  He was among the numerous wrestlers that grew frustrated with the Joint structure and hooked up with Paul Lincoln Promotions.  Despite his name value, Hayes assumed a new identity as the White Angel.  Like the French version, the White Angel was vanquishing villains.  They built up to a big mask-versus-mask blow-off with Dr. Death (Paul Lincoln under a black mask) in 1962.  Throughout the 1960s, Hayes was splitting time between Britain and France.  He is often credited for bringing Andre the Giant to Britain during this time period.  He was also able to turn his popularity into an elected official in Islington.  Amazingly, Al Hayes, in his forties, resigned and headed to the United States.  There, he was able to modify his game and blend elements of the British technique with American showmanship.  He was an ideal challenger to NWA Champion Dory Funk Jr. as a subtle and skillful heel.  Hayes drew generous heat with his Lord Alfred Hayes persona and posh accent, this allowed him some solid runs in a few territories.  In the AWA, Hayes begrudgingly shifted to managing.  Like Bobby Heenan, Hayes could talk and bump.  He was able to garner some genuine heat and even proved to be the more despised in feuds with Heenan and Sir Oliver Humperdink.  Lord Alfred Hayes came to the WWF as they were expanding nationally and was a colorful character who filled many supporting character roles over the years.  He did interviews, color commentary and perhaps most famously played Vince McMahon’s sidekick on the Tuesday Night Titans show.  After years of being a serious heel, Hayes was able to do slapstick comedy and thrived in the role.  After retiring, Al Hayes was plagued by physical problems after a long career in a demanding sport.  On both sides of the Atlantic, he was very popular among his peers whether he was Al Hayes or Lord Alfred Hayes to them.