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Skandor Akbar (1934-2010)

Real NameJim Saied Webha

Lifespan - 9/29/1934 - 9/19/2010

6’2” 250 lbs. - Wichita Falls, RX

Athletic BackgroundFootball, Powerlifting

Teacher(s)Lou Thesz, Danny Hodge, Jimmy Young

Professional BackgroundTexas(50s), Tri-State(`63-`68), Dallas(`66-`70), Georgia(`70), All-South(`72), Tri-State(`74), Australia(`75), WWWF(`76), World Class(`77-`8?), Mid-South/UWF(`81-`87), GWF

AliasesJimmy Webha, Mighty Jim, Prince Emir, Wildman Webha, Scandor Akbar, Skander Akbar

Peak Years - `78-`86

GroupsBlassie’s Army, Devastation Inc.

WrestlersAbdullah the Butcher, Steve Austin, Barbarian, Jesse Barr, Brutus Beefcake, Black Bart, Matt Borne, Botswana Beast, Brickhouse Brown, Killer Brooks, Leroy Brown, The Brute, King Kong Bundy, Cactus Jack, Maniac Mike Davis, Ted Dibiase, Jim Duggan, Eric Embry, Manny Fernandez, Jeff Gaylord, Great Kabuki, John Hawk, Ricky Harris, Hercules Hernandez, Kamala, Killer Khan, Buddy Landel, Mark Lewin, The Missing Link, Moadib (Ahmed Johnson), Kareem Mohammed, Dick Murdoch, Kendo Nagasaki, Nord the Barbarian, Mr. Olympia, One Man Gang, Iceman Parsons, Al Perez, The Punisher (The Undertaker), Butch Reed, Big Bubba Rogers, Bob Roop, Samoan Warriors (Afa & Sika), Dan Spivey, Super Black Ninja (Keiji Muto), Super Destroyers (Scott & Bill Irwin), John Tatum, Billy Joe Travis, Greg Valentine, Kevin Von Erich, Steve Williams, Gary Young, Chris Youngblood

Place in HistoryIt all began when Skandor Akbar turned on his partner and mentor Danny Hodge and became the most hated man in the Tri-State territory.  While he had played a bad guy early in his career, this run was different.  Akbar was seasoned and learned how to play the role from building heat during the match to enraging fans during interviews.  Over the next decade, Akbar toured all over and would be fondly remembered had he not gone on to the next phase of his career.  Jim Webha was a powerful football player of legitimate Lebanese descent who had family in the business.  One of them, the Great Mephisto (Frankie Caine), was a keffiyeh-wearing and fireball-throwing heel himself.  Skandor Akbar was a quality heel, but was something of a late bloomer.  Luckily, he found his true calling as a manager in front of the camera and a mentor behind the scenes.  General Skandor Akbar, a maniacal oil-rich sheik, angered fans and ran roughshod with his stable of marauders for more than a decade.  Middle eastern heels had been a staple since the Sheik popularized the role, but Akbar did it in a more topical way.  His nationality shifted based on current events, he talked up the skyrocketing oil prices and political conflicts, he bragged about his own wealth and power and he targeted All-American heroes like the Von Erichs, Jim Duggan and Bill Watts.  His signature stable, Devastation Incorporated, was always a curious variety of villains.  They did not need to fit any particular mold.  He led vicious African savages, sinister Asian heels, intimidating monsters and despicable turncoat sons of the South over the years.  Although he was a staple in both World Class and Mid-South for years, Akbar and his crew were rarely the main event characters.  They were key supporting heels or “dragons” as he likened them to that were fed to the “dragon slayers.”  Long after the scenes in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Mississippi died out, Skandor Akbar continued to do indy shots and often led young talent that he tried to help develop as heels.