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Chris Adams (1955-2001)

Real Name - Christopher Adams
Lifespan - 10/10/1955 - 10/7/2001
6'1" 228 lbs. - Stratford, England

Athletic Background - Judo (`76 Olympic Team)

Teacher(s) - Jackie Turpin, Steve Logan, Tally Ho Kaye, Tony St. Clair

Professional Background - England(`78-`80), Los Angeles(`80-`82), New Japan, UWA(`81), Portland(`83), WCCW(`83-`86), Los Angeles(`84), TASW(`86), WWC(`86), UWF(`86-`87), JCP/NWA(`87), Indies(`87), WCCW(`87-`89), Central States(`88), SCW[Georgia](`88), Florida(`88), USWA(`89), Indies(`89-`98), GWF(`93-`94), AWF(`95-`96), WCW(`98-`99), Indies(`99-`01)

AliasesMasked Avenger

Groups - Blue Bloods

Peak Years - `81-`86

Finisher(s) - 
- Superkick
- Superlock (Scorpion Deathlock)
- Tombstone

Favorites -
- Sleeper
- Back Suplex
- Bodyslam
- Jumping Lariat
- Legdrop

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Chris Adams had a rollercoaster career in pro-wrestling that saw him skyrocket up the card and he quickly fell and despite a few runs later in his career, Adams life ended violently - a result of bad karma according to many. Adams was an Olympic Team judoka in his native England and he became a TV attraction in his early years. He crossed the pond in the early 1980s and became a hit everywhere he went. A fiery, athletic babyface whose personality got over with the guys while his good looks attracted the ladies. "Gentleman" Chris Adams hopped around the West Coast and even had some international tours before rolling into Dallas. The territoral promtion, World Class, was on the rise with young and handsome characters such as the Von Erich, Jim Garvin and Gino Hernandez, who all of whom played key roles in Adams' time there. He had a groundbreaking mixed feud, which he used again to great success years later. Then he turned on the Von Erichs and became one of the biggest heels of the 1980s. Teaming with fellow studly bad guy Gino Hernandez, the two became key rivals of the Von Erichs as World Class rose to its legendary hieghts. After they split up, Adams spent time out being "blinded" by Hernandez. His return and feud with Gino could have been huge, but Hernandez died suddenly from a drug overdose and Chris Adams' career was never quite the same. He had runs in various territories, but never reached the pinnacle he had in the mid-80s. The fall turned Adams into anything but a gentleman. He became known as an unprofessional con man with a violent temper and serious problems with drugs and alcohol. In 1989, he began a feud with his student Steve Austin that involved his ex-wife (teaming with Austin, who she would eventually marry) and his wife at the time. The intergender feud became one of the hottest programs not featured in the Big Two, it rejuvenated Adams' career to some extent and made Austin's. He had a crack at WCW in the late 90s, but his demons caught up with him there as well. After a girlfriend's drug-related death threatened to send him to prison, Adams became even more reckless and was killed in a bar fight with a former roommate and fellow indy promoter. Chris Adams had a life that comes along every generation. He was a great at his job and received many accolades because of his talents, but his ego led to his self-destruction. Adams might have been one of the biggest stars of the day, but instead the life of excess killed his partner, ruined himself and eventually ended his own life. When people talk of the World Class curse, Chris Adams' story is often cited as an example.