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Arn Anderson


Real Name - Martin Anthony "Marty" Lunde
Birthdate - 9/20/57
6'1" 238 lbs. - Charlotte, NC

Athletic Background - Wrestling

Teacher(s) - Bob Armstrong, Ted Allen, Larry Zbyszko

Professional Background - Georgia(`81), SECW[Alabama](`81), Mid-South(`82), Georgia(`83), SECW[Alabama](`84), JCP/NWA(`85-`89), WWF(`89-`90), NWA/WCW(`90-`01), SMW(`93), ECW(`94), WWF/WWE(`01-)

AliasesMarty Lunde, Super Olympia

Groups - Spears' Family, Four Horsemen, Heenan Family, Dangerous Alliance, Stud Stable

Peak Years - `85-`93

Finisher(s) - 
- Anderson Drop (Spinebuster)
- Gourdbuster (Facefirst Suplex)

Favorites - 
- Hammerlock Slam
- Figure-Four Leglock
- Kneedrop
- Kitchen Sink
- Left Hook

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - What can one say about Arn Anderson? The fourth (how appropriate) Anderson family member, who was not an Anderson at all. Lars, Gene and Ole were all fine wrestlers, who played the role of systematic technicians. Arn took to that style, but in the eyes of many he was something more. While he fit the bill as a cold, calculating ringmaster, he was a killer on the mic. His interviews were among the best and he was able to carry opponents very well. Anderson's ability to come off as a heartless bully made him an upper midcarder for years despite his lack of flair in the ring. Anderson played primarily a crafty veteran who helped get over young talents. He did this as a single (he was the a constant TV champ) and put over everyone from Tom Zenk to Renegade. Oddly his jobs produced no real talent that got into a top spot, though most were strong midcarders. As a tag team wrestler, he was paired with similar partners (Ole Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Larry Zbyszko, Bobby Eaton) and did the same thing. Here he was a great success as everyone from the Road Warriors to the Rockers were put over and were big fan favorites. Arn Anderson was a certain type of person who always must exist in wrestling - a very good wrestler who was used to make and preserve stars because he could not become one himself.