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Stan Hansen


Real Name - John Stanley Hansen
Birthdate - 8/29/49
6'2" 280 lbs. - Borger, TX

Athletic Background - Football (Professional)

Teacher(s) - The Funks

Professional Background - Texas(`73-`7?), New Japan(`75-`81), WWWF(`76), All Japan(`81-`00), GCW(`81-`83), SWCW(`83), GCW(`84), UWA(`84) Memphis(`85), AWA(`85-`86), WCW(`90), ECW(`93) 

Aliases - none

Groups - Blassie's Army

Peak Years - `81-`94

Finisher(s) - 
Western Lariat (Left-Arm Lariat) 
- Texas Brazos (Boston Crab)

Favorites - 
Second Turnbuckle Splash
Bionic Elbow into Reverse Chinlock
Soccer Kick

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set 10 
 Strikes 10 

Intangibles Rating - 

 Entertainment 10 

Place in History -  One of the meanest, toughest characters to ever come to Japan, Stan Hansen and his Lariat terrorized the country for more than 25 years.  A free spirit with a stiff style and self-centerness, once Hansen was established he never looked back.  In the US, he bounced around until a feud with Bruno Sammartino essentially made him a bona-fide top heel.  He had runs in Georgia and the AWA with some success, but Japan became his priority once he was a regular there.  Hansen went to New Japan first and was a success battling the natives and gaijins alike. His jump to All Japan along with long-time friend and partner Bruiser Brody was a huge deal. In Giant Baba's traditionalist company, Hansen & Brody became the top gaijin team.. After Brody's death, Hansen continued and took over his partner's top foreigner spot. The 1990s were very kind to Hansen, who despite being in his 40s was consistantly good and had his share of big matches. Known for physicality and endurance, Hansen was one of the very best workers in the world and paired with the best for legendary showdowns.  After his retirement, Stan Hansen was celebrated and as Japan's pro-wrestling declined it seems that perhaps no other gaijin had the impact, quality of matches and lasting legacy of this man.