Profile Explanation [Late Legend - Technical]

Real Name - the birth, adopted or legal name
Lifespan - M.D.Y - M.D.Y
Billed or True Hieght and Weight - Birthplace/Hometown/Regular Residence

Athletic Background - outside of pro-wrestling, included high school, collegiate, professional, semi-professional and special training

Teacher(s) - trainers and mentors

Professional Background - countries/territories/cities/companies (years)

Groups - stables with 3 or more members (not tag teams)

Peak Years - their professional prime

Finisher(s) - favorite moves or hold's nickname (common name of hold or move)

- five (sometimes fewer)
- of the legend's
- signature techniques, 
- manuevers, moves, holds,
- cradles or strikes

Ringwork Rating


Intangibles Rating


Place in History - The legacy of this pro-wrestler.  Often told through a career retrospective with attention paid to rise to fame, notable contributions, perceptions from collegues and observers, impact in the sport and life after pro-wrestling.