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Dr. Alfonso Morales

Real Name - Gilberto Alberto Morales Villela
Birthdate - 2/4/49
Mexico City, Mexico

Occupational Background - Magazine editor, Sports writer, Boxing Announcer, Sports broadcaster, Psychiatry

Promotional Background - n/a

Peak Years - 1990s

Place in History - The voice calling the action in pro-wrestling is one of the key elements and just like people associated Gordon Solie with the Florida or Georgia Wrestling, Lance Russell with Memphis wrestling, Akira Fukuzawa with All Japan Pro-Wrestling in the 90s and Kent Walton with "World of Sport" in Britain, Dr. Alfonso Morales is the foremost voice of lucha libre.  A legitimate doctor who practiced psychiatry, Morales found his way into the sport after being sports announcer for several years.  He is also known for his boxing announcing, which he has a similar passion for as he boxed in his youth.  In the 1980s, Morales was one of several announcers and was chosen by Televisa as the lead when EMLL/CMLL returned to TV in Mexico City leading to a boom period.  When Antonio Pena formed AAA with Televisa's support, Morales began calling for them in addition to CMLL.  He maintained this position as both companies went through hot periods and cold periods thus becoming a voice of credibility.  In addition to his broadcasting influence, Morales became the editor-in-chief for Box y Lucha, the most celebrated lucha publication in Mexico.  As an employee of Televisa, he has managed to stay above to wrath of promoters.  His announcing team with Arturo Rivera is akin to Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler in the WWF in that they were sometimes cordial, sometimes antagonistic, but always great at getting over the product.  The frequent joking that Morales was actually Tinieblas or some other foolishness has always been a key source of levity to lucha broadcasts.  Alfonso Morales, a true fixture in lucha libre, is one of pro-wrestling's greatest announcers.