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World Animation Day!

posted Oct 28, 2017, 7:45 PM by Wrestling Scout
Image result for kinnikumanWhen you Google "Pro-Wrestlers and Cartoons," you're going to find stuff about Hulk Hogan's Rock-n-Wrestling, Bret Hart being on the Simpsons or Captain Lou Albano playing Mario on the Super Mario Bros. Super Show.  However, no cartoon franchise has involved itself more with pro-wrestling than "Kinnikuman" (Muscle Man).  The manga (comic) ran from 1979 to 1986 and led to TV shows, toys and video games in both Japan and in the United States.
Abdullah - Abdullah the Butcher 
Apollo the Giant - Andre the Giant 
Related image
Beauty Rhodes - Dusty Rhodes 
Bob Winkle - Nick Bockwinkel
Buffaloman - Bruiser Brody
Chavo Kuerrori - Chavo Guerrero Sr.
Dorlo Flears - Lord James Blears
Doryman - Dory Funk Sr.
Dynamite Piper - Roddy Piper
Gagne Mask - Verne Gagne 
God Von Erich - Fritz Von Erich 
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Hulk Dougan - Hulk Hogan
Jean Steamboard - Ricky Steamboat
Jessie Maybia - Peter Maivia
Mouko Seijin - Tiger Jeet Singh
Neptune Man / Kenkaman - Hulk Hogan/Stan Hansen
Robin Mask - Billy Robinson
Shiek - The Shiek
Skyman - Mil Mascaras
Wahooman - Wahoo McDaniel