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History of Title Unifications (1945-2021)

posted Mar 13, 2021, 4:45 PM by Wrestling Scout
Kota Ibushi Continues Pushing to Unite IWGP Heavyweight & IC TitlesEarlier this month, New Japan announced that their two top titles, the IWGP Heavyweight Championship and the Intercontinental Championship would be unified with a new title - the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship being created.  Kota Ibushi, the 31st individual to hold the IWGP Heavyweight title and the 14th to hold the Intercontinental.

Looking back over the past 75 years, there have been many title unifications.  While some were historic matches that did big business, others were less significant and mainly ways to get rid of a belt.

1945 - Unification of NWA World Heavyweight Championship with World Heavyweight Championship (Kansas version)
Orville Brown d. Ed Virag

1949 - Unification of NWA World Heavyweight Championship with AWA World Heavyweight Champion (Boston version)

1949 - Unification of NWA World Heavyweight Championship with MWA (Midwest Wrestling Association) World Heavyweight Champion

Lou TheszOrville Brown was forced to vacate

1952 - Unification of NWA World Heavyweight Championship with California World Heavyweight Championship

Lou Thesz d. Baron Michele Leone

1952 - Unification of NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship with World Junior Heavyweight Championship (Los Angeles version)

1957 - Unification of NWA World Heavyweight Championship with NWA World Heavyweight Championship (Montreal)

Lou Thesz, claim by Edouard Carpentier dropped

1963 - Unification of AWA World Heavyweight Championship with Omaha World Heavyweight Championship

1963/1964 - Unification of NWA World Heavyweight Championship with AWA World Heavyweight Championship (Al Haft's)

1966 - Unification of AWA World Heavyweight Championship with WWA World Heavyweight Championship (Indianapolis)

1974 - Unification of NWA United States Tag Team Championships (Tri-State version) with NWA United States Tag Team Championships (Gulf Coast version)

Bob Sweetan & Siegfried Stanke d. Bob Kelly & Rocket Monroe

1986 - Unification of NWA United States Heavyweight Championship with NWA National Heavyweight Championship

1987 -  World Television Championship with (Mid-South) UWF Television Championship

1988 - Unification of NWA International Tag Team Championships with 
PWF World Tag Team Championships

1989 - Unification of AWA World Heavyweight Championship with WCWA World Heavyweight Championship to form USWA Unified World Heavyweight Championship

1989 - Unification of NWA International Heavyweight Championship with PWF World Heavyweight Championship and the NWA United National Championship to form the All Japan Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship

1992 - Unification of WCW World Tag Team Championships with NWA World Tag Team Championship

1994 - Unification of WCW World Heavyweight Champion with WCW International World Heavyweight Championship

1996 - Unification of IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship with WWF Light Heavyweight Championship, WWA World Junior Light Heavyweight Championship, British Commonwealth Junior Heavyweight Championship, NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship, NWA World Welterweight Championship, UWA World Junior Light Heavyweight Championship, WAR International Junior Heavyweight Championship to form the J-Crown

2001 - Unification of WWF Intercontinental Championship with WCW United States Championship

Edge d. Test

2001 - Unification of WWF Tag Team Championship with WCW Tag Team Championship

The Dudley Boyz d. The Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff)

2001 - Unification of WWF Championship with WCW Championship to form the Undisputed WWF Championship

2002 - Unification of WWE Intercontinental Championship and WWE European Championship

2002 - Unification of WWE Intercontinental Championship and WWE Hardcore Championship

2002 - Unification of WWE World Heavyweight Championship with WWE Intercontinental Championship

2003 - Unification of WWA World Heavyweight Championship with the NWA World Heavyweight Championship

2006 - Unification of ROH World Championship with ROH Pure Championship

Bryan Danielson d. Nigel McGuinness 

2007 - Unification of IWC World Heavyweight, UWA World Light Heavyweight, National Heavyweight, and GPCW SUPER-X Monster Championship to form AAA World Championship

2008 - Unification of IWGP Heavyweight Championship (New Japan version) with IWGP Heavyweight Championship (Inoki Genome version)

2013 - Unification of WWE Championship with World Heavyweight Championship to form WWE World Heavyweight Championship

2016 - Unification of King of the Mountain Championship with TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Lashley d. James Harris

2017 - Unification of GFW Global Championship with Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship (former TNA World Heavyweight Championship)

Alberto El Patron d. Lashley