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Christmas Night in the Carolinas (1968-1979)

posted Dec 25, 2017, 6:31 PM by Wrestling Scout
While the tradition of big pro-wrestling events on Thanksgiving night is widely known, many forget that Christmas night was a big night for pro-wrestling throughout the territorial era as well.

Mid-Atlantic, ran two shows, one in Charlotte, North Carolina and one in Greenville, South Carolina for many years.  Some years, they even ran a third town!  For families in those cities, Christmas day might have been full of gifts and food, but the evening was full of headlocks and piledrivers.  In looking back at the results, it might seem curious that there were so many tag matches, but that was the modus operandi for the territory.  The matches were often enhanced by being a "fence match" or a "death match," which promised plenty of red to go with green (and not just at the green at the box office!)


Greenville - Abe Jacobs & The Scotts (George & Sandy)  vs. Aldo Bogni & Bronko LubichGeorge Harris

Raleigh - Rip Hawk & Swede Hanson vs. Sam SteamboatMr. Wrestling (Tim Woods)


Greenville - Mr. WrestlingThe Scotts vs. J.C. Dykes & The Infernos

Charlotte - Missouri Mauler vs. Argentina Apollo

Charlotte - Missouri Mauler & Brute Bernard vs. Argentina Apollo & Johnny Weaver

Charlotte - Johnny Valentine vs. Johnny Weaver 

Greenville - Jerry Brisco vs. The Destroyer (Don Jardine)

Raleigh - Gene Anderson & Ole Anderson vs. Jay York & Brute Bernard

Charlotte - Johnny Valentine vs. Paul Jones

Greenville - The Super Destroyer (Don Jardine) vs. The Avenger (Reggie Parks)

Raleigh - Gene Anderson & Ole Anderson vs. Jay York & Brute Bernard


Greenville - Blackjack Mulligan vs. Paul Jones

Charlotte - Blackjack Mulligan vs. Paul Jones

Hampton, VA - The Superstar vs. Rufus R. Jones

*The IWA ran a show in Durham, North Carolina headlined by Bulldog Brower defending his North American title against Karl Krupp*

Charlotte - Wahoo McDaniel vs. Greg Valentine

Charlotte -  Blackjack Mulligan vs. Ric Flair