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World Wrestling Association (1964-1989)
Indianapolis, Indiana had been run for years by the capable office of Jim Barnett and Balk Estes. After Barnett's failed attempts to create a huge national promotion, he "sold off" his former city to Dick the Bruiser. During pro-wrestling's "Golden Age," where television made pro-wrestlers nationally recognized, Dick the Bruiser was amongst the most well-known. He had made a name for himself in a number of territories and now he owned his own. He was a notorious character in and out of the ring and the Bruiser was always the top star in his own promotion. After buying his company, Bruiser captured the WWA World Championship from Freddie Blassie. He brought his claim to that non-NWA organization's title home and made it his native title. His longtime association with Verne Gagne's AWA helped him keep in touch with young talent and keep himself a nationally exposed star. He often brought in stars he'd known from his prime or ones that he'd made connections with in the AWA. Many young stars got their start in his promotion, but it was always Bruiser's group and he was always on top. Detroit became the battleground between The Bruiser and NWA promoter Eddie Farhat (The Sheik) in between 1971 and 1974. They ran opposing arenas with top notch talent, but eventually the Bruiser pulled back and focused on his home base of Indianapolis and money city of Chicago until the WWF's expansion pounded his operation into oblivion.

Mitsu Arakawa
The Assassins
Ox Baker
Fred Blassie
Nick Bockwinkel
Bobo Brazil
King Kong Brody
Crusher Broomfield (One Man Gang)
"Bulldog" Bob Brown
Edouard Carpentier
Moose Cholak
Ciclon Negro
The Crusher
Dominic Denucci
The Destroyer
Dick the Bruiser
Emile Dupree
Bobby Eaton
Cowboy Bob Ellis
The Fabulous Kangaroos (Al Costello & Don Kent)
Fabulous Ones (Stan Lane & Steve Keirn)
The Flying Scotts (George & Sandy)
Verne Gagne
Pepper Gomez
Karl Gotch
Dr. Jerry Graham
Gary Hart
Bobby Heenan
Larry Hennig
Don Jardine
Rufus R. Jones
Gene Kiniski
Ivan Koloff
Ernie Ladd
Blackjack Lanza
Jerry Lawler
Mark Lewin
Dutch Mantell
Bill Miller
Pedro Morales
Blackjack Mulligan
Dick Murdoch
Chuck O'Connor (Big John Studd)
Pat O'Connor
Bob Orton Jr.
Tony Parisi
Angelo Poffo
Johnny Powers
Harley Race
Len Rossi
Jacques Rougeau
Bruno Sammartino
Dutch Savage
Hans Schmidt
The Sheik
Al Snow
Wilbur Snyder
Big John Studd
Sweet Daddy Siki
Terry Taylor
Lou Thesz
Sailor Art Thomas
Mad Dog Vachon
Johnny Valentine
Valiant Brothers (Jimmy & Johnny)
The Von Brauners (Kurt & Karl)
Fritz Von Erich
Baron Von Raschke
Koko Ware
Bill Watts

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