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Tulsa (Tri-State)

NWA Tri-State Wrestling (1958-1982) 
Tri-State Wrestling headed by Leroy McGuirk ran successfully for years in this tough area of the United States. The physical area was huge and the population to draw from was small, but many stars came through and developed there over the promotion's twenty year run. McGuirk was a junior heavyweight himself and mainly promoted them with some excellent talents to get behind, namely Danny Hodge and Jack Brisco. The promotion's name, Tri-State, refers to Oklahoma, Arkansas and  Louisiana, but Mississippi became a key state and they even ran spot shows in Missouri and Texas. The focal cities were: Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Little Rock and Fort Smith, Arkansas and Shreveport, Louisiana. After struggling in the early 1960s, McGuirk aligned himself with Verne Gagne and Fritz Von Erich for a time and eventually partnered up with Bill Watts and his long-time top star Danny Hodge. The promotion came alive in the late 1960s and was reformed in the early 1970s under McGuirk and Watts, shifting its focus away from being just another NWA territory. They even pulled out of the Alliance and bought out Gagne and Von Erich in hopes of running bigger shows and promoting itself better. New Orleans, Louisiana, became their big money city and Watts felt they had to shift their focus toward it instead of Oklahoma. By this point, the company had split into Northern and Southern operations. Like Tennesee, the old-timer stuck with his main region (the Northern part), while the secondary part (the Southern part) was allowed to grow and it eventually broke away and the old part eventually died off.  McGuirk had lost touch and Watts bought the Southern portion of Tri-State Wrestling. George Scott came in to book the remained Northern part and McGuirk's daughter took over promoting, but it struggled for the next few years before Watts bought it in 1982.  

Skandar Akbar

Siva Afi

Andre the Giant

The Assassins

Hercules Ayala

Ox Baker

Ron Bass

Tarzan Baxter (The Wrestling Pro)

Brian Blair

Aldo Bogni

Larry Booker (Moondog Spot)

Mike Bowyer (Mike Boyette)

Johnathon Boyd

Jack Brisco

Jerry Brisco

Tim Brooks

Bruiser Brody

Jerry Brown

The Brute (Bugsy McGraw)

Frankie Caine (Great Mephisto)

Haystacks Calhoun

Ray Candy

Porkchop Cash

The Continental Warriors (Lorenzo Parente & Bobby Hart)

Corsica Joe

The Daltons (Jim & Jack)

Mike DiBiase

Ted DiBiase

J.J. Dillon
Len Denton (The Grappler)

Jack Donovan

Bill Dromo 

Jean DuBoise (Dave McKigney)

Kim Duk

Bobby Duncum

Gene Dundee (Flash Monroe)

Dick Dunn

Johnny Eagles

Bob Ellis

Eric Embry

Eric the Red

Ronnie Etchison

Don Fargo

Ric Flair

Stan Frazier

Yasu Fuji

Buddy Fuller

Dory Funk, Jr.

Terry Funk

Verne Gagne

Al "Spider" Galento

Mario Galento

Mike Gallagher

Jim Garvin

Ron Garvin

Terry Garvin

Mike George
Eddie Gilbert

Frank Goodish (Bruiser Brody)

Gorgeous George Jr.

Karl Gotch

Rene Goulet

Luke Graham

Troy Graham (Dream Machine)

The Great Kabuki

The Great Matsuda

The Great Mephisto

Gypsy Joe

Jody Hamilton (The Assassin)

Larry Hamilton (Missouri Mauler)

Stan Hansen

Sugar Bear Harris (Kamala)

Gary Hart

Rip Hawk & Swede Hanson

Michael Hayes

Larry Hennig

Gino Hernandez

Hines Brothers (Billy Boy Hines & Bad Boy Hines)

Danny Hodge

Hollywood Blonds (Dale Roberts & Jerry Brown)
Oliver Humperdink

Rock Hunter

Scott Irwin

Professor Ito

Abe Jacobs

Bobby Jaggers

Don Jardine

Tor Kamata

Krusher Karlsson

Don Kent

The Kentuckians (Luke Brown & Grizzly Smith)

Roger Kirby

Stan "Krusher" Kowalski

Killer Karl Kox

Jerry Kozak

Killer Karl Krupp

Ernie Ladd

Stan Lane

Antone Leone

Dale Lewis

"El Gran" Jose Lothario

Ken Lucas

Billy Red Lyons

Prince Maivia

Boris Malenko

Ken Mantell

Luis Martinez

Hiro Matsuda

Bugsy McGraw

Danny McShain

The Medics

Bepo Mongol

Ricky Morton

Angelo Mosca

Rocket Monroe

Sputnik Monroe

Blackjack Mulligan

Dick Murdoch

Taro Myaki

Duke Myers

Sonny Myers

Ciclon Negro

Art Neilson

Jerry Oates

Chuck O'Connor (Big John Studd)

Pat O'Connor

Paul Orndorff

Bob Orton

King Parsons

Ken Patera

Pat Patterson

Eduardo Perez

Mr. Pogo

Ivan Putski

Harley Race

Ken Ramey

Bull Ramos

Bruce (Butch) Reed

Ron Reed (Buddy Colt)

Dusty Rhodes

Sylvester Ritter (Junkyard Dog)

Jose Rivera

Dewey Robertson (Missing Link)

Billy Robinson

Buck Robley

Antonino Rocca

Ricky Romero

Len Rossi

Nelson Royal

Mr. Sakaruda (Kendo Nagasaki)

Dutch Savage

Angelo Savoldi

Bobby Shane

Gama Singh

Joe Sky

Blackjack Slade

Bob (Sgt.) Slaughter

Curtis Smith (of the Mighty Yankees)

Grizzly Smith

Jimmy Snuka

Ricki Starr

The Spoiler

The Stomper (John Quinn)

Jerry Stubbs (Mr. Olympia)
Big John Studd

Eddie Sullivan

Bruiser Bob Sweetan

Joe Tangero (Joe Brunetti)

Lou Thesz

Les Thornton

Louie Tillet

John Tolos

Rip Tyler

Tarzan Tyler

Paul Vachon

Jimmy Valiant

Ali Vaziri (Iron Sheik)

Karl Von Brauner

David Von Erich

Kerry Von Erich

Kevin Von Erich

Waldo Von Erich

Kurt Von Hess

Kurt Von Steiger

Karl Von Stroheim

Koko Ware

Bill Watts

Ken Wayne

Pez Whatley

Ed Wiskoski (Col. DeBeers)

Tim Woods (Mr. Wrestling)

Mr. Wrestling II

The Wrestling Pro

Chati Yokouchi

Skip Young