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Maple Leaf Wrestling (1939-1984)

Jack Corcoran started Maple Leaf Wrestling in 1931. Two of his employees were the Tunney brothers - John and Frank. In 1939, Corcoran was ailing and wanting out of the business, so the Tunneys bought him out. Sadly, John passed away a year later at 32 years of age, but Frank would turn Toronto into one of the hottest cities in the world during the 1950s and 1960s with Whipper Watson on top. Watson was a national hero and he vanquished all the heels of the television era from Gene Kiniski to Gorgeous George. Toronto became a major market and it featured numerous NWA World title changes over the years. Tunney even became a partner in the St. Louis office and later an NWA President for a short time. Toronto under Frank Tunney gained a special reputation as he had a great rapport with the sports journalists. It helped make Maple Leaf Wrestling the premier Canadian wrestling company and one of the very best in North America during the "Golden Age." Frank slowly brought John's son Jack into the office as his partner. In the 1970s, The Shiek became a huge attraction in Toronto. But like his hometown Detroit, The Shiek and his antics slowly began to hurt the houses. This led to a split and Tunney struggled to get the city back on track, he brought in top stars from the WWWF and AWA, but that did not work. Instead, Tunney used Mid-Atlantic star Ric Flair to turn his company around. The relationship developed as Tunney and Jim Crockett Jr. began working together despite the distance between their home bases. George Scott even bought into the Toronto office. Like Toronto itself, Maple Leaf Wrestling grew steadily into the 1980s. However, the company saw massive changes following Frank's death in 1983. Scott had jumped to the WWF and Crockett did not trust Jack Tunney, so he stopped sending him talent from Mid-Atantic. As the Toronto houses declined, Maple Leaf Wrestling looked like it was headed for a swift death and then someone else, either Vince McMahon or Jim Crockett would step in. Instead, Tunney secured a deal with McMahon and became the first major NWA promoter to make such an arrangement. He organized the 1986 match between Hulk Hogan and Paul Orndorff, which was the first million dollar gate in North American wrestling history. Maple Leaf Wrestling had an amazing run that lasted over fifty years. 

Abdullah the Butcher
Adrian Adonis
Adnan Al-Kaissie
Gene Anderson
Ole Anderson
Andre the Giant
Mitsu Arakawa
Spiros Arion
The Assassin
Tony Atlas
Buddy Austin
Bob Backlund
Ox Baker
Johnny Barend
Bobby Bass
Ron Bass
The Beast
Brute Bernard
Dick Beyer (The Destroyer)
Tully Blanchard
Freddie Blassie
James Blears
Nick Bockwinkel
Paul Boesch
Matt Borne
Dino Bravo
Bobo Brazil
Jack Brisco
Jerry Brisco
Gino Brito
Bruiser Brody
Tim Brooks
Bulldog Brower
Leroy Brown
Guy & Joe Brunetti
Jim Brunzell
Leo Burke
Haystacks Calhoun
Edouard Carpentier
Vic Christy
Ripper Collins
Carlos Colon
Ted "King Kong" Cox
Bull Curry
Len Denton
Domenic Denucci
The Destroyer
J.J. Dillon
Ilio DiPaolo
Bobby Duncum
Emile Dupre
Dusek Riot Squad
Don Eagle
Eric the Red
Fabulous Kangaroos (Al Costello & Don Kent)
Don Fargo
Johnny Fargo (Greg Valentine)
Abdullah Farouk (Grand Wizard)
Jean Ferre (Andre the Giant)
Pampero Firpo
Ric Flair
Keith Franke (Adrian Adonis)
French Angel
Mr. Fuji
Dory Funk Jr.
Terry Funk
Greg Gagne
Verne Gagne
Doc & Mike Gallagher
Tony Garea
Gino Garibaldi
Jimmy Garvin
Ron Garvin
Ed Don George
Giant Baba
Gorgeous George
Karl Gotch
Archie Gouldie
Jacques Goulet (Rene Goulet)
Billy Graham
Luke Graham
The Grapplers (Len Denton & Tony Anthony)
Great Hossein (Iron Shiek)
Great Kabuki
Great Togo
Ray Gunkel
Gypsy Joe
Hard Boiled Haggerty
Larry Hamilton
Buddy Hart (Bret Hart)
Gary Hart
Rip Hawk & Swede Hanson
Alfred Hayes
John Paul Henning
Lee Henning
Hans Hermann
Mr. Hito
Danny Hodge
Hulk Hogan
Tim Horner
Sam Houston
Len Hughes
Oliver Humperdink
Dick Hutton
King Curtis Iaukea
Austin Idol
Don Jardine (The Spoiler)
Rocky Johnson
Don Leo Jonathan
Paul Jones
Rufus R. Jones
The Kalmikoffs (Ivan & Karol)
John Katan
Don Kernodle
Killer Khan
Gene Kiniski
Ivan Koloff
Sandor Kovacs
Killer Kowalski
Killer Karl Kox
Ernie Ladd
Jack Lanza
Athol Layton
Jos LeDuc
Sky Hi Lee
Mark Lewin
Ed "Strangler" Lewis
Reggie Lisowski (The Crusher)
"Wild" Bill Longson
Love Brothers (Hartford & Reginald)
Billy Red Lyons
Bobby Managoff
Chief Peter Maivia
Gino Marella (Gorilla Monsoon)
Everett Marshall
Frenchy Martin
Masked Assassin (Guy Mitchell)
Masked Superstar
Masked Superstar #2 (John Studd)
Roy McClarty
Earl McCready
Wahoo McDaniel
Tex McKenzie
Mighty Igor
Mighty Ursus (Jesse Ortega)
Mil Mascaras
Bill Miller
Al & Tiny Mills
Guy Mitchell
Bolo Mongol (Masked Superstar)
Sputnik Monroe
Gorilla Monsoon
Larry Moquin
Pedro Morales
Angelo Mosca
Mr. Moto
Blackjack Mulligan
Blackjack Mulligan Jr. (Barry Windham)
Don Muraco
Dick Murdoch
Bronko Nagurski
Leo Numa
Pat O'Connor
Danno O'Mahoney
One Man Gang
Paul Orndorff
Jesse Ortega
Bob Orton Jr.
John Quinn
Tony Parisi
King Parsons
Ken Patera
Pat Patterson
Thunderbolt Patterson
Roddy Piper
Angelo Poffo
Lanny Poffo
Randy Poffo (Randy Savage)
Johnny Powers
Harley Race
Dusty Rhodes
Victor Rivera
Yvon Robert
Jake Roberts
Dewey Robertson (Missing Link)
Billy Robinson
Antonino Rocca
Buddy Rogers
Buddy Rose
Mike Rotundo
Jacques Rougeau Sr.
Raymond Rougeau
Mr. Saito
Bruno Sammartino
Tito Santana
Buzz Sawyer
Hans Schmidt
Baron Scicluna
George & Sandy Scott
Frank Sexton
Red Shadow (Leo Numa)
Mike & Ben Sharpe
The Sheepherders (Butch Miller & Luke Williams)
The Shiek
Tiger Jeet Singh
Dick Slater
Sgt. Slaughter
Jimmy Snuka
Gus Sonnenberg
Stan Stasiak
Ricky Steamboat
Ray Stevens
The Stomper (Guy Mitchell)
John Studd
Sweet Brown Sugar (Skip Young)
Sweet Daddy Siki
Sandor Szabo
Big Bill Terry (Kurt Von Hess)
Lou Thesz
Art Thomas
Tosh Togo
John Tolos
Tarzan Tourville (Tarzan Tyler)
Jumbo Tsuruta
Tarzan Tyler
Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon
Paul "Butcher" Vachon
Greg Valentine
Jimmy Valiant
Jesse Ventura
Nikolai Volkoff
Karl Von Brauner
Fritz Von Erich
Waldo Von Erich
Kurt Von Hess
Baron Von Krupp
Baron Von Raschke
Karl Von Steiger
"Whipper" Billy Watson
Johnny Weaver
Wild Samoans (Sika & Afa)
Bearcat Wright
Jim Wright
Mr. X (Earl McCready)
Jay Youngblood
Yukon Eric
Zebra Kid