American Wrestling Alliance - San Francisco (1960-1968)
In the 1950s, the Shire Brothers were a successful tag team in middle America. In the 1960s, these same "brothers" were behind building one of the most significant territories of the day. Roy Shire was had one of pro-wrestling's best minds and after years of bumping around, he wanted to make some real money running a promotion. He settled in San Francisco in 1960. The region was nearly dead from years of a weak product and Shire wanted to take over the city. His main star was none other than his "brother" Ray, who became Ray Stevens, the best worker of the day. The "American Wrestling Alliance" (not to be confused with Verne Gagne's promotion), also called "Big Time Wrestling" was born. Shire roster grew steadily with the exciting babyface Pepper Gomez, the sinister Kinji Shibuya as well as top stars of the day like Don Leo Jonathan, Wilbur Snyder, Bob Ellis, Bearcat Wright and many others. The NWA tried to counter Shire by sending stars to Malcewicz's promotion, but they just could not save the pathetic product it had become. Shire easily won this promotional war and the NWA's influence in California was very limited for several years. Ray Stevens was a reckless character who got over huge, but was prone to problems that prevented him from being the top star of the 1960s and 1970s. He was money player for Shire though and as long as he could wrestle, he was able to be a significant personality. Cut from that same cloth was Pat Patterson, who became Shire right-hand man. Shire was a visionary, who carefully scripted his shows and it worked. He knew how to get talent over and did so with his formulas time and time again. Shire also had one of the premier TV arrangements of the day as he was able to get his product out to his Bay Area fans as well as fans in other Northern California cities: Fresno, Bakersfield and Sacramento. Even more significant was his markets in Hawaii (through promoter Ed Francis); Salt Lake City, Utah; Las Vegas, Nevada; Phoenix, Arizona; and Anchorage, Alaska. He did specialized interviews for each market and was really becoming a big player in the pro-wrestling world.

Gene Anderson
Mitsu Arakawa
The Assassins
Buddy Austin 
Red Bastien 
Fred Blassie 
Lord Blears
Nick Bockwinkel
Bobo Brazil
Haystack Calhoun
Edouard Carpentier
Moose Cholak
Ciclon Negro
Hercules Cortez
Don DeNucci
The Destroyer
Dick the Bruiser
Emile Dupree
Ernie Dusek
Bob Ellis
Fabulous Kangaroos
Verne Gagne
Terry Garvin
Pepper Gomez
Karl Gotch
Luke Graham
Great Togo
Hardboiled Haggerty
Larry Hennig
Curtis Iaukea
Don Jardine
Don Leo Jonathan
Paul Jones
Gene Kiniski
Killer Kowalski
Stan Kowalski
Ernie Ladd
Jack Lanza (Blackjack Lanza)
Mark Lewin
Jose Lothario
Billy Red Lyons
Great Malenko
Luis Martinez
Lonnie Mayne
Tex McKenzie
Mongolian Stomper
Gorilla Monsoon
Pedro Morales
Skull Murphy
Leo Nomellini
Pat O'Connor
Tony Parisi
Pat Patterson
Thunderbolt Patterson
Angelo Poffo
Argentina Rocca
Bruno Sammartino
Joe Scarpa
George & Sandy Scott
The Sheik
Kinji Shibuya
Wilbur Snyder
The Spoiler
Ricki Starr
Dick Steinborn
Ray Stevens
Lou Thesz
Art Thomas
Enrique Torres
Tarzan Tyler
Fritz Von Erich
Waldo Von Erich
Bill Watts
Johnny Weaver
Billy White Wolf
Bearcat Wright

NWA - San Francisco (1968-1981)
In 1968, Ray Shire joined the NWA and began featuring their champion sometimes, but he mainly focused on his own stars and building them and their programs. In 1970, Shire lost his TV deal, which was the beginning of a slow decline for the once mighty promotion. Throughout that decade, the San Francisco office tried to stagger their fall by aligning with other companies. First was Don Owens' Portland-based PNW, but the deal quickly fell apart. Next was returning to alliances with the Midwestern promoters that had helped him climb to the top originally. By this time, they were not as strong or not willing to invest in Shire and it also failed. The last hope was Eddie Graham's Championship Wrestling from Florida, which was in the middle of its peak years. This arrangement proved to expensive and stopped after a few shows. Shire had simply lost his television, some of his key stars and was not able to hold his promotion together. He continually tried to build something, but by the early 1980s, Roy Shire held his final Battle Royal and called it quits. 

Andre The Giant
Spiros Arion
Buddy Austin
Red Bastien
Fred Blassie
Bobo Brazil
Bob Brown
Haystacks Calhoun
Don Carson
Porkchop Cash
Ciclon Negro
Ripper Collins
Dominic DeNucci
The Destroyer
Kim Duk
Keith Franks (Adrian Adonis)
Great Fuji (Mr. Fuji)
Leo Garibaldi
Terry Garvin
Jimmy Golden
Pepper Gomez
Black Gordman
Karl Gotch
Billy Graham
Eddie Graham
Luke Graham
Great Goliath
Great Kojika
Chavo Guerrero
Curtis Iaukea
Professor Ito
Bobby Jaggers
Rocky Johnson
Don Leo Jonathan
Gene Kiniski
Ivan Koloff
Ernie Ladd
"Cowboy" Frankie Laine
Jose Lothario
Peter Maivia
Great Malenko
Mil Mascaras
Masked Grappler
Lonnie "Moondog" Mayne
Wahoo McDaniel
Mighty Igor
Bill Miller
Gorilla Monsoon
Pedro Morales
Angelo Mosca
Don Muraco
Dick Murdoch
Skull Murphy
Tony Parisi
Pat Patterson
Roddy Piper
Harley Race
Bull Ramos
Lord Patrick Roach
Bob Roop
Buddy Rose
Mr. Saito
The Samoans
Dutch Savage
Mr. Seki
Bobby Shane
Kinji Shibuya
Tenryu Shimata (Genichiro Tenryu)
Dick Slater
Alexis Smirnoff
Jimmy Snuka
Ron Starr
Stan Stasiak
Ray Stevens
John L. Sullivan (Johnny Valiant) 
Kevin Sullivan
Professor Toru Tanaka
"Sailor" Art Thomas
Les Thornton
John Tolos
Butcher Vachon
Valiant Brothers (Jimmy & Johnny
Kurt & Karl Von Brauner
Ed Wiskoski
Mr. Wrestling
Bearcat Wright

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