National Wrestling Alliance - Central States (1963-1987)
In the years following the formation of the NWA, the Midwest region drastically changed. The alliance had ties all over the US, but the power was centralized in the middle of the country. George Simpson and Orville Brown had brought together several of the independently run markets for many years. Eventually, a group headed by Simpson took over the the nebulous region in 1963 under the name of "Heart of America Sports." This group included Bob Geigel, Pat O'Connor and Gust Karras. Eventually, Geigel assumed Simpson's role and began expanding his power base from Kansas, Missouri and Iowa to run shows in Illinois, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Arkansas. Like his friend Dory Funk Sr., Bob Geigel's market had no business being as prominent as it was. For both the Kansas City and Amarillo offices, the population was spread over a large area, nearby metropolitan areas already had established NWA members and their roster had a bell-shape to its drawing power. Those two made a pact and frequently traded talent over the years. Geigel also created a strong alliance with NWA kingpin Sam Muchnick and that partnership did more to keep Central States a viable entity than any other. Their biggest locally produced star was Harley Race, who developed into one of the top stars in the business, an NWA champion and a power player behind the scenes as well. Central States, under the guidance of Geigel, Race and Pat O'Connor, remained a key territory throughout the 1970s. They lacked the booking power to move into the top echelon, but politically they were one of the most important. As the decade wore on, the NWA was growing weaker as long-time president Sam Muchnick stepped down in 1975. The power struggle began pulling the Alliance apart and many strong promoters with major markets began leaving to escape the politics. This disorder turned into opportunity for the Kansas City office. Between 1978 and 1987, Geigel reigned for six years as NWA president, but it was largely ceremonial as Jim Crockett Jr. (president during the other three) and his company were taking over the lead spot in the NWA. Geigel, Race and O'Connor along with booker Larry Matysik took over St. Louis from Sam Muchnick in 1982. Pro-wrestling was changing though and the Midwestern approach just could not compete with all the superior products in other regions. The WWF just happened to be the first one to move into the area. Eventually, Race jumped and the promotion fizzled out after nearly three decades of operation. Geigel tried several times to get promotions started, but everything failed.

Skandor Akbar
Gene Anderson
Andre The Giant
Mitsu Arakawa
Buddy Austin
Norvell Austin
Crusher Ayala (Hercules Ayala)
Ox Baker
Ron Bass
Red Bastien
Crusher Blackwell
Brian Blair
Larry Booker (Moondog Spot)
Bobo Brazil
Jack Brisco
Jerry Brisco
Bruiser Brody
Killer Brooks
"Bulldog" Bob Brown
Luke Brown
Guy & Joe Brunetti
Jim Brunzell
Haystack Calhoun
Ray Candy
Edouard Carpentier
Don Carson
Scott Casey
Moose Cholak
Ciclon Negro
Ripper Collins
Carlos Colon
Colosso Colosetti
Tiger Conway Jr.
The Destroyer
Mike DiBiase
Ted Dibiase
Dick the Bruiser
J.J. Dillon
Kim Duk
Bobby Duncum
Cowboy Bob Ellis
Eric Embry
Ronnie Etchison
Don Fargo
Manny Fernandez
Ric Flair
Mr. Fuji
Ron Fuller
Bobby Fulton
Dory Funk Jr.
Dory Funk Sr.
Terry Funk
Verne Gagne
Terry Garvin
Bob Geigel
Mike George
Eddie Gilbert
Pepper Gomez
Gordman & Goliath
Superstar Billy Graham
Luke Graham
Great Kabuki
Gory Guerrero
Larry Hamilton (Missouri Mauler)
Rip Hawk
Lord Alfred Hayes
Michael Hayes
Bobby Heenan
Lee Henning
Ray "Hercules" Hernandez
Danny Hodge
Hulk Hogan
Sir Oliver Humperdink
Austin Idol
The Interns
Iron Sheik
Bill Irwin
Bobby Jaggers
Don Jardine (The Spoiler)
Matt Jewell (Bearcat Brown)
Rocky Johnson
Don Leo Jonathan
Rufus R. Jones
Tor Kamata
Don Kent
Duke Keomuka
Masao Kimura (Rusher Kimura)
Gene Kiniski
Taro Kobayashi (Strong Kobayashi)
Killer Kowalski
Killer Karl Kox
KO Kox (Bob Sweetan)
Jerry Kozak
Killer Karl Krupp
Ernie Ladd
Buddy Landel 
Blackjack Lanza
Guy LaRose (Hans Schmidt)
Luther Lindsey
Hartford Love
Ken Lucas
Billy Red Lyons
Dutch Mantell
Ken Mantell
Gino Marella (Gorilla Monsoon)
Hiro Matsuda
Wahoo McDaniel
Tex McKenzie
The Medics
Bill Miller
Mongolian Stomper
Pedro Morales
Ricky Morton
Blackjack Mulligan
Jerry & Ted Oates
Chuck O'Connor (Big John Studd)
Pat O'Connor
Rip Oliver
Paul Orndorff
Bob Orton Jr.
Iceman Parsons
Ken Patera
Pat Patterson
Thunderbolt Patterson
Alex Perez
Roddy Piper
Angelo Poffo
Percy Pringle
Akio Sato
Paul Perschmann (Buddy Rose)
Harley Race
Dr. Ken Ramey
Bruce Reed (Butch Reed)
Ron Reed (Buddy Colt)
Dusty Rhodes
Jose Rivera
Victor Rivera
Jake Roberts
Dewey Robertson (Missing Link)
Buck Robley
Antonino Rocca
Tommy Rogers
Ricky Romero
Nelson Royal
Seiji Sakaguchi
Hans Schmidt
Baron Scicluna
George & Sandy Scott
Bobby Shane
The Sheik
Kinji Shibuya
Ray Shire (Ray Stevens)
Gama Singh
Bob Slaughter (Sgt. Slaughter)
Alexis Smirnoff
Wilbur Snyder
The Spoiler (Don Jardine)
Pak Song
Ron Starr
Stan Stasiak
Ray Stevens
Kevin Sullivan
Super Destroyer Mark II (Sgt. Slaughter)
Superfly (Ray Candy)
Bob Sweetan
Takachio (Great Kabuki)
Terry Taylor
Lou Thesz
Sailor Art Thomas
Les Thornton
Togo The Great
Tonga John (Barbarian)
Enrique Torres
Jumbo Tsuruta
Tarzan Tyler
Butcher Vachon
Mad Dog Vachon
Jerry Valiant
Greg Valentine
Johnny Valentine
Khosrow Varizi (Iron Sheik)
Jesse Ventura
David Von Erich
Fritz Von Erich
Kevin Von Erich
Baron Von Raschke
The Von Steigers (Kurt & Karl)
Jim Wehba (Skandor Akbar)
Ed Wiskowski
Bearcat Wright
Skip Young