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Joint Promotions

Joint Promotions (1952-1988) 
After pro-wrestling had fallen out of public favor, there were attempts to reorganize and regulate the "sport." A group of promoters banded together to form "Joint Promotions," a British version of the NWA. Like the NWA, they were able survive the hard times by sticking together, starve out any competition, blackball any troublemakers and control the prestigious championships. When television became popular, they made sure to secure the only TV deals doled out and it spelled huge financial success for the promoters. They had an iron grip over the industry spare a few independents for over thirty years. As the promoters aged and left, Joint Promotions' power structure began to crumble. Promoter Max Crabtree took over and helped British wrestling to another boom period with his brother Big Daddy as the massive star that people loved to see. This formula worked for a surprising number of years before it began to slowly kill Joint Promotions. It allowed for indy promoter Brian Dixon to gain some footing and he began luring away the best talent that did not leave out of frustration with the glass ceiling. Although pro-wrestling was still had a large viewing audience, ITV's Greg Tyke decided to cancel "World of Sport" and he began shuffling things around before British pro-wrestling was effectively taken off television. It was the deathblow to the weakened Joint Promotions and seriously harmed Joint's competitors as well.  

"Black Belt" Chris Adams

Bobby Barnes

Robby Baron

Count Bartelli

Steve Best

Big Daddy

Bull Blitzer (Steven Wright)

Dave "Butcher" Bond

Zoltan Boscik

Jim Breaks

Wayne Bridges

Ian Campbell

Linde Caulder

Tony Charles

Spencer Churchill

Alan Colbeck

"Cyanide" Sid Cooper

Jon Cortez

John Cox

Brian Crabtree

Chic Cullen

Pete Curry

Johnny Cszelaw

Joe D'Orazio

Gwyn Davies

Alan Dennison

Barry Douglas

Dynamite Kid

Johnny Eagles

"Big" Bruno Elrington

Vic Faulkner

Dave "Fit" Finlay

John Foley

Leon Fortuna

Ray Fury

Kalman Gaston

Giant Haystacks

Ian Gilmour

George Gordienko

Steve Grey

"Judo" Al Hayes

Bill Howes

Marty Jones

Mike "Flash" Jordan

Billy Joyce

Ken Joyce

Colin Joynson

Jeff Kaye

Peter "Tally Ho" Kaye

Les Kellett

George Kidd

Alan Kilby

Johnny Kincaid

Mal "King Kong" Kirk

Bob Kirkwood

Prince Kumali

Johnny Kwango

Maurice LaRue (Norman Fredrick Charles III)

Steve Logan

Mike Marino

Al Marquette

Caswell Martin


Brian "Goldbelt" Maxine

Mick McManus

Mick McMichael

Al Miquet

Julien Morice

Skull Murphy

"Ironfist" Clive Myers

Kendo Nagasaki

"Golden Ace" John Naylor

Al Nicol

"Mr. TV" Jackie Pallo

Ivan Penzekoff

Geoff Portz

"Mighty" John Quinn

Roy Regal (William Regal)

Sean Regan

Pat Roach

Pete Roberts

Andy Robin

Mark "Rollerball" Rocco

Bert Royal

Terry Rudge

Roy St. Clair

Tony St. Clair

Johnny Saint

"Superstar" Mal Sanders

Lee Sharron

"Young" David Smith

Ricki Starr

Ray Steele

Alan Sergeant

Adrian Street

Tibor Szakacs

Clayton Thomson

Jackie Turpin

Steve Veidor

"Crusher" Verdu

Albert "Rocky" Wall

"Banger" Walsh

Steven Wright

Wild Angus

Johnny Yearsley

Steve Young

Honeyboy Zimba