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Gulf Coast

GCCW - Gulf Coast Championship Wrestling (1959-1978)
Lee Fields and his family began expanding the Mobile-based group in the 1960s after they bought it from Buddy Fuller. Mobile, Alabama and Pensacola, Florida remained key cities, but they pushed northwest into Mississippi as well as northeast to Dothan, Alabama and southeast Panama City, Florida. Fields focused on developing a strong market and by the late 1960s, "Cowboy" Bob Kelly had turned the Gulf Coast into a great regional group. He remained the top babyface throughout his tenure and the promotion worked well with small core of their own talent, a lot of "new" masked men and a constant rotation of visitors often from Nashville, Florida and Oklahoma. The area did not pull in as many established stars like other territories, but it had a particular appeal to area fans and ran strongly year round. Fields was so confident with his product, he tried to take it to Nashville, his former stomping grounds, but it didn't work. The GCCW closed up in 1978 and the towns were sold to Ron Fuller (Buddy Fuller's son), who was an established promoter in Knoxville.

Bob Armstrong
"Killer" Buddy Austin
Norvell Austin
Ox Baker
Ronnie Bass
Bearcat Brown
Frankie Caine
Haystacks Calhoun
Ron Carson (Dick Murdoch)
The Convict (Stan Frazier)
Sylvester DeRitter (Junkyard Dog)
Don Fargo
Jackie Fargo
Johnny Fargo (Greg Valentine)
Lee Fields
Mario Galento
Terry Garvin
Reuben Gibson (Robert Gibson)
Jimmy Golden
Dr. Jerry Graham
Gypsy Joe
Danny Hodge
The Interns
The Islanders (Afa & Sika)
Mr. Ito (Umanosuke Ueda)
Steve Keirn
"Cowboy" Bob Kelly
Don Kernodle
Jerry Lawler
Jose "El Gran" Lothario
Ken Lucas
Sputnik Monroe
Jerry Oates
Dwayne Peel (Buddy Wayne)
Poffo Brothers (Randy & Lanny)
Rowdy Red Roberts
Pancho Rosario (Gypsy Joe)
Joe Scarpa (Chief Jay Strongbow)
David Schultz
Bobby Shane
"Bruiser" Bob Sweetan
Von Brauners (Kurt & Karl)
Lester Welch
Robert Welch
Roy Lee Welch
Johnny West (Kevin Sullivan)
Billy Wicks
Ed Wiskowski
Ron Wright
Rube Wright