Big Time Wrestling [NWA - Detroit] (1964-1980)
In the early 1960s, Detroit had been taken to new heights under the guidance of promoters Johnny Doyle and Jim Barnett. After the two had tried to go national and failed, they wanted to get out. Detroit had been run hard when they offered it to Ed Farhat.   Farhat was a popular attraction from the Chicago's TV wrestling as The Sheik and over next sixteen years, The Sheik became the most successful local draw in pro-wrestling history before riding his success into the ground. Like his contemporaries from the "Golden Age," he remained on top of his promotion until it became detrimental and when changes were necessary, it was too late.

Abdullah the Butcher
Mitsu Arakawa
Giant Baba
Ox Baker
Brute Bernard
Fred Blassie
Bounty Hunter (Tim Brooks)
Bobo Brazil
Gino Brito
Killer Tim Brooks
Bulldog Brower
Haystacks Calhoun
Moose Cholak
Ciclon Negro
Ripper Collins
Buddy Colt
Bull Curry
Dominic Denucci
Jim Dillon
The Fabulous Kangaroos (Al Costello & Don Kent)
Don Fargo
Johnny Fargo (Greg Valentine)
Abdul Farouk (Ernie Roth)
Pampero Firpo
Buddy Fuller
Dory Funk Jr.
Dory Funk Sr.
Terry Funk
Bob Geigel
Eddie Graham
Dr. Jerry Graham
Luke Graham
Rip Hawk
Bobby Heenan
Lee Henning
Gino Hernandez
Danny Hodge
King Curtis Iaukea
The Islanders (Afa & Sika)
Rocky Johnson
Ivan Kalmikoff
New Kangaroos (
Al Costello & Tony Charles)
Killer Kowalski
Ernie Ladd
Lord Athol Layton
Mark Lewin
Love Brothers (Hartford & Reginald)
Billy Red Lyons
Luis Martinez
Tex McKenzie
Terry Mecca (Terry Gordy)
Mighty Igor
Mil Mascaras
Bill Miller
Dutch Momberg (Killer Karl Krupp)
Sputnik Monroe
Jim Morrison (J.J. Dillon)
Gorilla Monsoon
Blackjack Mulligan
Pat O'Connor
Jesse Ortega
The Outlaws (Dusty Rhodes & Dick Murdoch)
Tony Parisi
Thunderbolt Patterson
Angelo Poffo
Lanny Poffo
John Quinn
Dewey Robertson (Missing Link)
Hans Schmidt
Baron Scicluna
The Sheik
Kinji Shibuya
Tiger Jeet Singh
Wilbur Snyder
George Steele
The Stomper (Guy Mitchell)
Sweet Daddy Siki
Art Thomas
John Tolos
Jumbo Tsuruta
Johnny Valentine
Johnny Vallen (Johnny Valiant)
Karl Von Brauner
Waldo Von Erich
Kurt Von Hess
Bearcat Wright

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