Image result for wrestling giantsThe definition of a "giant" in professional wrestling is open to a lot of interpretation.  There is a fine line between a so-called "big man" and a "giant."  From the turn of the century through the end of the territories, giantswere excellent box office attractions.  Some of the formulas included: a heelrunning roughshod would get his comeuppance, the top babyface would bring one in as a special tag team partner or a battle royal would feature one.  Some of the names below were featured more as monster heels who came in, worked their way up the food chain before eventually being vanquished by a top babyface.  No matter what the formula was many of these giants did their best business by bouncing around frequently.  Since the death of the territories, the specialness of giants has worn off.  While the giants of the 1990s and on have been physically bigger and often more athletic, they lack that "special attraction" dynamic that made their predecessors big drawing cards.
I should note that many giants of legend are not included in this listing - Happy Humphrey, The McGuire Twins, El Gigante (Giant Gonzales), Mighty Jumbo, Man Mountain Mike, Giant Silva, Great Khali, Haystacks Muldoon, Paul Bunyan, Kurrgan, Mabel and others are not included.

Andre The Giant
Emile "King Kong" Czaja
Jean Ferre (Andre the Giant)
The Kentuckians (Grizzly Smith & Luke Brown)
King Kong Kirk
Monster Rousimoff (Andre the Giant)
Sky Hi Lee