Professional wrestling has long been tied to the carnival world.  While the sleek television product of today might not seem like it would, it still plays to people's curiosity of the abnormal and unusual.  In the first half of the twentieth century, there was a focus on big, ugly and strange pro-wrestlers.  Whether it was men with rare physical conditions, wild savages from strange lands, people who deal with the dead or the occult, crazed madmen, or men with "gay" gimmicks, pro-wrestling has always fed upon people baser instincts, including their fear or hatred of that which is different.  

In recent years, TV wrestling has featured a one-legged wrestler, wrestlers who eat disgusting things, cross-dressers and even a wrestler with a carny gimmick.  As time has passed, there may be less attention on physical abnormalities as once was the case, but pro-wrestling has always featured weird people, bizarre antics and outrageous gimmicks.

Understandably, this list will be changing as time goes on and I discover individuals who fit into this open interpretation of "freak."