Special Attractions

Professional wrestling has not always been about two men in tights battling over a gold championship belt.  Promoters have been doing all kinds of things to boost the box office from standard attractions like tag team wrestling and gimmick matches to bringing in special attractions - women, "midgets," freaks and giants!  These once-and-a-while attractions were common place throughout the twentieth century and frequently these individuals toured in troupes or pairs.

Perhaps the attraction that is most prevalent today, women have been in pro-wrestling for a long time and have had many different roles.  Some have been valets, some have been credible performers, some have been mere eye candy, but no matter what their role, women have a undeniable place in the history of pro-wrestling.

Although the term is no longer politically correct, for centuries little people have been closely tied to the the circus, carnival and "freak show" world.  They became a major attraction in pro-wrestling during the heydays of the territories when they could come in and do their act.  Popular among children, "midget" pro-wrestlers combined athleticism and entertainment in a way that their full-sized counterparts rarely could.

The grotesque, the bizarre and the infamous all added a "freak show" element to pro-wrestling.  There have been many big draws that drew because of an unusual element that drew fans to see them.

Men of abnormally large dimensions were often big drawing cards whether they could perform well or not.  These big men toured around, often giving a local heel their comeuppance, before moving on to the next town.  Some were amazingly tall, some were morbidly obese and some were just gigantic all around.