(WORLDCOMP and the recently started conference CSCI)

A great scam brought to us by a computer science professor from University of Georgia, USA




Latest news: In 2014, the well-known fake conference organizer, Hamid Arabnia, has started another bogus conference "International Conference on Computational Science and Computational Intelligence (CSCI)" and its website is here . The venue of this fake conference is also Las Vegas. More conferences means more money from registration fee: Hamid Arabnia's hunger for money is worse than the hunger of a Fat Pig.


A large version, including open challenge and copies of the actual published fake papers of WORLDCOMP, is available here and here
               Hamid Arabnia never responded to the open challenges. He even failed to reveal the reviews and reviewers' details for the thousands of papers he received since 2000, despite repeated challenges. The reason for his silence is: there were no reviews and reviewers for all these years! After sometime, he will announce that he lost all this information due to computer crash or so (an intelligent excuse used by many online criminals!). Once again, Hamid Arabnia: if you have any self respect or human values, you should respond now to this challenge (we know that you are reading this website everyday)!!!


A relatively small version, including the copies of the actual published bogus papers of WORLDCOMP, is available here


An interesting blog on the sham conference organizer's activities, including the Anti-Christmas Greetings Campaign, is available here


DBLP has discontinued indexing all the conferences of WORLDCOMP since 2010. Click here and here and here and here and here … for samples. Hamid Arabnia never argued with DBLP on this matter because WORLDCOMP is fake and he knows that cannot fool DBLP people.


Comments of Dr. John R. Levine (a well-known scientist with a Ph.D. in computer science from Yale University, USA) about the scandal are available here (he received telephone threats from Ashu Solo , who is WORLDCOMP's publicity Chair and a close friend of Hamid Arabnia).


Feedback from a German professor, who unknowingly published a paper in the fake conference WORLDCOMP, is available here  (he also received email threats from unknown sources for his twitter comments)


The fake conference organizer, Hamid Arabnia, filed and lost a lawsuit against a Las Vegas professor accusing him of defaming/criticizing WORLDCOMP. Click here or here for details. Hamid Arabnia never explained why he lost that lawsuit.


The counterfeit conference organizer, Hamid Arabnia, has appeared in a newspaper claiming him a victim of cyber-attack (similar to a bandit claiming him as a victim of a honest police). Details are available here     In addition, Hamid Arabnia convinced some of his close friends and some corrupt editors (who received money from Hamid Arabnia) and published some articles, for example, the article , projecting Hamid Arabnia as a victim of cyber bullying. Hamid Arabnia is using these articles to get sympathy and trust of the researchers and to counter his critiques. However, he is completely silent on the open challenges (see above).


More details on the fake conference WORLDCOMP are available here


More details on the fake conference CSCI are available here


Hamid Arabnia is THE KING OF FAKE!


--- please forward this website address to your colleagues and help them from being victimized by these fake conferences.