Just wanted to send a quick note on what a great time I had at the festival!!!
The location was great, with clean affordable rooms, and the staff was welcoming and friendly.
The sound by John Cameron was astounding as usual, especially in a theatre type setting.
Great job by all involved!!!!
Thanks again for all the hard work, it showed.
Jim Collette

Darwin and crew...
I just had an awesome time at the Woodsmoke Bluegrass Jamboree. Everything was just so great there. The music was so great. You picked a great bunch of entertainment and because they were enjoying themselves doing what they love...It showed...in their performances.
Of course John Cameron is the BEST sound guy.
The NAV Center had great rooms, awesome service and very friendly. They were a little overwhelmed by so many coming to Pub on Friday night but handle it well.
Musicians playing in different corners for part of the night didn't bother anyone.
I so enjoyed it and happy to hear that you plan to have second one. The only negative thing I heard was some people didn't know about it. But word of mouth will definitely help for next year.
You made me one happy lady...Absolutely No complaints from me. I was thinking of going to Florida next Year...But I definitely have to be back for Woodsmoke Bluegrass#2 next year... See you again... Down The Road....Your Bluegrass Fan.

    Cheryl Cooper

What a great time! Totally enjoyed the experience! I am sure that this should become an annual event! One which I am sure you should be proud of! The first is always the most difficult. It gets better as you go along. So I look forward to next year with great anticipation.

    Charles Baranowski

Hi Darwin and Gilles,
Just wanted to let you know I had a great time.
Unfortunately I had previous plans in Ottawa for Saturday or I would have come back for part two.
I'll definitely be buying tickets for next year's show.

    Marcel Hebert