Boarding Services

Main Barn Double Stall (12'X16'): $500/month
Main Barn Regular Stall (12'X12'): $475/month 
Lower Barn Stall: $450/month

Full Care Board Includes:
  • Up to 7lb grain per day (Sentinel Performance L/S or Blue Seal Carb-Guard)
  • Quality grass hay
  • Administering daily supplements (SmartPaks preferred - use our Barn Buddies name for free shipping!)
  • Stall cleaned daily
  • Water buckets cleaned/filled daily
  • Troughs cleaned/filled
  • Turn out/Turn in
  • Worming
  • Trailer Parking
Please NoteIf you wish to have your horse fed a different brand of grain and/or additional forage, you will need to provide it as well as a storage bin. No discount applied.

Services - À La Carte:
  • Blanketing
  • Daily Hoof Picking
  • Holding for Farrier/Vet (hourly)
  • Extra Grain Rations
  • Fan (provided by boarder)
  • Stall Rest
  • Stall Holding
  • Wrapping/Medication Management

Vets that frequent our barn:
Dr. Reppening- Tidewater Veterinary Hospital (Charlotte Hall, Md) - 301 884 3231
Dr. Mende/Dr. Brown - Wolf Creek Equine (Lothian, Md) -  410 741 1473
Dr. Williamson - Williamson Equine Vet. Associates (Port Republic, Md) - 404 310 6478

Equine Dental:
Fernando Martinez - Scheduling through Wolf Creek Equine
Dr. Reppening -  Scheduling through Tidewater Vet

Farriers that frequent:
Dick Teachout - Barefoot/Specialty glue-ons
Richard Victor - Shoes, glue-ons, pads, barefoot 
Danielle Broullette shoes, barefoot 
Pat Riffle - Shoes, glue-ons, pads, barefoot 
Pat Quinn - Shoes, barefoot, pads, barefoot
Richard Campani - Shoes
Woodbury Equestrian Center,
Dec 31, 2019, 6:52 AM