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Special Olympics Bowling Update – For November 15, 2019

·       Special Optional Practice, Sunday, November 17, 2019. Park Grove Bowl 5:30 – 7:30pm. 
      Recommend for bumper bowlers to get practice without bumpers.  
      All athletes on Blazing Stars Bowling Team are invited.  No cost.

·      The Woodbury Blazing Stars will be bowling at the State Tournament on Sunday,                  November 24, 2019 at Treasure Island.  All events are on Sunday for us.

Blazing Stars' 2019 State Bowling Tournament Roster
(Last initial, First name)
  Unified      Time
Unified Lane
Assist/ Partner

B, Andy  9AM 14      
C, Taylor  9AM 9      
C, Joseph  9AM 19      
D, Kathryn J.  9AM 20      
F, Cheron  9AM 10      
F, Tessa  9AM 8      
F, Samuel  9AM 9      
H, Jessica  9AM 21      
H, Sean T.  9AM 16      
J, Michael C.  9AM 7      
K, Michael  9AM 14      
L, Keenan  9AM 5      
L, Gabrielle  9AM 7      
L, Garrett  9AM 6      
L, Daryl  9AM 19      
M, Jacqui   9AM 23     Ramp
M, Nolan  2PM 2      
M, John  2PM 16      
N, Lisa  2PM 16      
N, Sara  2PM 18      
P, Teal D.  2PM 14      
R, Nicholas  2PM 17      
R, Damari  2PM 1      
R, Hunter  2PM 2      
R, Mark  2PM 15      
S, Josh  2PM 19      
S, Miyuki A.  2PM 5      
S, Adam P.  2PM 21  11:30AM 18  Conrad
W, Anna  2PM 20      

Bowling Signups Are Closed

If you want to bowl with the Woodbury Blazing Stars there will be 3 ways you can sign up:
Email woodburyblazingstars@gmail.com,
leave a message at 651-337-9061,
or sign up at the Park-Grove Bowl Special League.
The first Special League date is September 14, 2019.
Provide Name, Contact phone and email address.
Bowlers can choose one or more events from...
  • Singles
  • Doubles -- No longer offered!
  • Unified Doubles (Provide name of Unified Partner)
    Unified Partners must complete Special Olympics 
    Level 1 coaching requirements.

More than 1 event may require participation on multiple 
Also, provide how you practice bowling.  For example,
Park-Grove Special League.
  You must have a current
Minnesota Special Olympics Medical and Consent on 
Please sign up by October 12th, 2019.

The roster will be posted here after October 12th.

The Woodbury Blazing Stars Pays all the fees for 
participation in Special Olympics Bowling.  Athletes 
must participate in a Bowling League or have other 
means of establishing an average.  The Blazing Stars 
will host two special practices prior to the state 
tournament for registered athletes.