The difference between barbed wire and concertina razor wire used as a kind of security prison fence

Concertina razor wire, razor ribbon

Barbed Wire and Concertina razor Wire is fence topping, They widely used around our life. we can see them in many area such as on the walls, fence tops, field, airport, manufacturer facility, prison fence and so on.

Barbed Wire and Concertina razor wire differ in a number of aspects which are enumerated below.

Barbed wire is made of galvanized low carbon steel wire with steel barbs /sharp edges / points goes on the line wire with a certain interval. It is used to construct inexpensive fences and is used on top walls surrounding secured property.

A person or animal trying to pass through or over barbed wire will suffer discomfort and possibly injury. Barbed wire fencing requires only fence posts, wire, and fixing devices such as staples. It is simple to construct and quick to erect, even by an unskilled person.

Concertina razor wire is formed the tape barbs covering on high carbon steel wire.

The Concertina single razor wire is exceedingly difficult to cut using hand tools. While the tape barbs have a piercing and gripping action, reinforced steel makes it very hard to bend.

Concertina razor wire is an effective fence, It is formed and clipped together in large coils so it can be expanded or stretched like a concertina which were used for high security purpose.

Concertina razor wire application is used to top security fences. An individual attempting to get into or out of a secured area will have difficulties in getting through without adequate tools. On the other hand, barbed wire installation to restrain cattle and as inexpensive fencing.



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