WM WIRE INDUSTRIAL mainly produces razor wire (razor barbed wire). Our address is WM WIRE INDUSTRIAL Production Factory, Industrial Park east of Anping County, Hengshui, China.A wholly owned CHINA company,WM WIRE INDUSTRIAL specializes in high security fencing solutions and is committed to providing quality service and installation to our customers. Our specialty is in the Design and Construction of security fencing,along with razor barbed wire fencing. 

Major products are Concertina Razor Wire, Concertina Single Razor Wire, Straight Line Razor Wire, PVC Coated Razor Wire, Flat Wrap Razor Wire, Welded Razor Mesh, Stainless Steel Razor Wire, etc......   MORE

So what makes us different?
  • WM WIRE INDUSTRIAL is leading the way with innovative high security fence designs.
  • Quality of design and manufactured product results in Quality outcomes.
  • Experience matters when it comes to managing complex projects.
  • It's not just another Contract to us.
  • The most experienced installers of palisade fencing in CHINA.
  • CONTACT US on our sites is not regarded as a hassle, more as a help.

1. What is concertina wire?      2. How long is a roll of concertina wire?

3. concertina wire length per roll        4. concertina wire specifications

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