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  Valentines from early 1900's.  Donated by Dianne Jaeger.
  Health mineral boxes.  Donated by Dianne Jaeger
  Old Bottles.  Donated by Bill Burris.
  3 family photo albums.  donated by Emma Foote.
  Early 1900 blue prints for new library.
  1913 post card of Bruce and Co. Building.  Donated by Willis Reichert.  
  German post card.  Donated by Ruby Ritze.
  2 Northeast Nebraska Volunteer Fireman's Association Convention booklets from 1941.  Donated by Winside Public Library and Willis Reichert.
  1937 The Party Book- Collection of games, contests, and helps.  Belonged to Ella Graef. Donated by Darline Graef-Bargholz families.                    
  1991 sale bill from the Eddie and Margaret Peterson sale.  Donated by Bill Burris.
  Stamp owned by Henry Wacker.  Donated by Ruby Ritze.
  1963 books from Chicago Lumber Co., Winside, NE.  Donated by Willis reichart.
  Ledger from Winside elevator.  Donated by George and Howard Voss.
  Wristlet, worn between coat and glove for warmth.  Donated by Mrs. Herman Reeg
  Hair Waver.  Donated by Ruby Ritze.
  Marcel hair waver.  Donated By Mrs. Herman reeg.
  Leather hair curlers.  Donated by Ruby Ritze.
  Toy horses.  Donated by Dianne Jaeger.
  Spato, went over man's shoe and ankle for style and to keep warm.  Donated by Mrs. Herman Reeg.
  Christmas tree candle holders used in the early 1900's.  Donated by Dianne Jaeger.
  Picture frames.  Donated by Ruby Ritze.
  Eastman Kodak folding camera 1908.  Donated by Bill Burris.
  Brownie camera.  Donated by Bill Burris.
  Egg scale.  Donated by Ruby Ritze.
  Poultry marker.  Donated by Ruby Ritze.
  Tools of Hiram Wilson.  Donated by Armin and Goldie (Wilson) Fischer.
  1955 Ice Capades Program.  Donated by Vic Mann.
  Cookbooks.  Donated by Bill Burris.
  Hats from the 1930's worn and donated by Irene Ditman.
  1976 Wayne County Atlas.  Donated by Irene Ditman.
  1976 Souvenir Edition of the Wayne Herald.  donated by Irene Ditman.
  1986 Wayne County Plat Book.  Donated by Irene Ditman.
  1976 Souvenir Edition Wayne Herald.  Donated by Irene Ditman.
  Tam Service Booklet.
  1918 Plat book donated by Gladys Reichert.
  1898 Original town plot of Winside.  Donated by Gladys Reichert.
  Winside Centennial sign 1990.  Donated by Centennial Co-Chairman.
  Flour, sugar, and salt sacks from 1930s to 1940s.  Donated by Bill Burris.
  Christmas cards from 40s and 50s.  Donated by Bill Burris.
  Hugo Fischer fishing permit.
  Name plate for cream can.  Owned by Otto Nieman.  Donated by Neiman children.
  Bit holder over 100 years old.  Owned by Harlan West.  Donated by Lin Brummels.
  Cow bell over 100  years old.  Owned by Harlan West.  Donated by Lin Brummels.
  Husking hook.  Belonged to George Pinion.  Donated by Dwight Pinion.
  Indian Tom-a-hawk.  Donated by Lin Brummels