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 Dress worn by Adolph Korn's stepmother. Donated by Adolph Korn's daughter- Rosalie Diedrichsen
 Jacket wedding suit 1920. Donated by Walter Fenske

 Quilt made by Dora Thielfoldt Carstens
 Signature Quilt from Ladies' Club
 Suit and dress donated by Ulrich's from Hoskins
 Wedding dress of Irene Dittman-Weible.
 Clothes Donated by Willis Riechert
 Boys 3 piece suit worn by a Hoffman brother in 1890.  Donated by Erna Hoffman.
Trunk belonged to to F. Vahlkamp Con to America from Germany in 1886. Donated by Emma Foote
 Shoes belonged to Ane Pettersen (Mrs. Anton) Donated by Mildred Jensen Baden- grandaughter

 Apron made by Beulah McMaster Bisbie in 1910

 Baby clothes. Donated by Cliff and Elsa Burris

 Painting. Donated by Minnie Morrow

 Wedding Photo.  Donated by Laura Jaeger

 Wittler Family names

 Wittler Family

 Shawl made by Karen Jensen Pettersen

  Lap robe and picture Matilda B.

 Sewing machine.  donated by Minnie Weible

 (Top) Anton and Annie Peterson (Bottom) Margaret, Eddie, and Katherine. Donated by Grandaughter                               x                                                                                                                     (Mildred Jensen Baden)

 Erwin and Laura Ulrich in Wedding suit.  Donated by Laura Ulrich