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                                                HARRY’ S BARBER SHOP

The Winside Barber Shop has been a barber shop for the past  122 years.  It was originally built in 1891 by W. H. McClusky and L.S. Needham.  At that time the shop was set up for three barbers and had dressing rooms and bathing facilities for farm workers on Saturday nights.

In 1903, the shop was sold to Dr. Lloyd Scruggs who only had it for one year.  Allen B. Cherry bought it in 1904.  His wife, Ella M. Cherry became the owner of the shop in 1908.  McClusky, Needham, Scruggs, and the Cherrys leased the shop to several different barbers.  Some of them were C.E. Shaw, J.C. Hogue and L. Dowdling.

March 4, 1916 Otto Schneider started barbering in Winside.  In the fall of 1916, barbers raised their prices, haircuts were 25 cents, now 35 cents.  September 6, 1917, Otto Schneider installed an annunciator in his barber shop.  This device was numbered from 1 to 40 and designated “who was next.”

Otto Schneider bought the J. C. Hogue Barber business on January 1, 1918.  Wm.  Rhudy and Otto Schneider formed a  partnership in the barber business March 8, 1920. Otto sold his interest to G.G. Woods May 6, 1922, so now it is Rhudy and Woods. Rhudy also bought Ella M. Cherry’s  shop, owning it for only two years.

After a year Mr. Schneider started working for Wm. Rhudy again.  He rented the shop and operated it until Mr. Rhudy sold the equipment to William Bayes in 1924. 

August 29, 1926, Jean Boyd bought a barber business and leased the William Bayes building.

Barbershop prices dropped February, l931, from 25 cents to 20 cents for a shave, and 50 cents to 40 cents  for a haircut.

Otto Schneider changed his location June, 1932, from the west end barber shop to the frame building (site of the Post Office) across the street from the Winside State Bank.

After  William Bayes died in 1933, the building (present barber shop) was willed to his sister Gertrude Bayes, who leased it to several barbers.  After  a few years selling barber equipment, Jean Boyd reopened a shop July 1, 1936 in his home.

On April 1, 1939, Otto Schneider moved his shop ti the Bayes building (present barber shop).

In 1948, Mr. Schneider  bought the shop and barbered in it until 1950 when Donald W. Gellespie purchased it.  Don was in business until Stanley D. Housel bought it in 1955. Stanley barbered until he relocated to a shop in Norfolk, Ne.

Willim (Bill) Hoffman then bought the shop in 1964, and leased it to several barbers, some of whom were Dave Oveido of Norfolk, Darrell (Butch) Holdorf, Omaha, Mr. Schantelle, and Harry Lorenzen, Jr. , of Norfolk.

In 1970, Harry Lorenzen, Jr., bought the shop from Bill and is presently operating it on a part-time basis as Harry’s Barber Shop.  He is open all day on Mondays.  The price of a haircut in Winside was $4.00.

In the past 100 years the shop has gone from three full-time barbers with bathing facilities to one part-time barber.  I guess that’s the way times change.