Selected Papers

Gao, X.*, Zhao, L.*, Liu, S.*, Li, Y., Xia, S., Chen, D., Wang, M., Wu, S., Dai, Q., Cai, F., Zacharias, L., DeBerardinis, R., Lim, E., Metallo, C., Boggon, T.J., Lonial, S., Lin, R., Mao, H., Pan, Y., Shang, C., and Chen, J. (2019) gamma-6-phosphogluconolactone, a byproduct of the oxidative pentose phosphate pathway, contributes to AMPK activation through inhibition of PP2A. Molecular Cell (in press) *These authors contributed equally to this work

Chen, D.*, Xia, S.*, Wang, M.*, Lin, R., Li, Y., Mao, H., Aguiar, M., Famulare, C., Shih, A.H., Brennan, C.W., Gao, X., Pan, Y., Liu, S., Fan, J., Jin, L., Song, L., Zhou, A., Mukherjee, M., Pieper, R.O., Mishra, A., Peng, J., Arellano, M., Blum, W., Lonial, S., Boggon, T.J., Levine, R.L.#, and Chen, J.# (2019) Mutant and wild-type IDH1 share enhancing mechanisms involving distinct tyrosine kinase cascades in cancerCancer Discovery DOI: 10.1158/2159-8290.CD-18-1040 Published June 2019. *These authors contributed equally to this work (Featured article).

Lin, R., Xia, S., Shan, C., Chen, D., Liu, Y., Gao, X., Wang, M., Kang, H.-B., Pan, Y., Liu, S., Chung, Y., Abdel-Wahab, O., Merghoub, T., Rossi, M., Kudchadkar, R.R., Lawson, D.H., Khuri, F.R., Lonial, S., and Chen, J. (2018) Dietary supplement chondroitin-4-sulfate exhibits oncogene-specific pro-tumor effects on BRAF V600E melanoma cells. Molecular Cell 69, 923–937, March 15, 2018 (Featured article).
Xia, S., Lin, R., Jin, L., Zhao, L., Kang, H.-B., Pan, Y., Liu, S., Qian, G., Qian, Z., Konstantakou, E., Zhang, B., Dong, J.-T., Chung, Y., Abdel-Wahab, O., Merghoub, T., Zhou, L., Kudchadkar, R.R., Lawson, D.H., Khoury, H.J., Khuri, F.R., Boise, L.H., Lonial, S., Lee, B.H., Pollack, B.P., Arbiser, J.L., Fan, J., Lei, Q.-Y., and Chen, J. (2017) Prevention of dietary fat-fueled ketogenesis attenuates BRAF V600E tumor growth. Cell Metabolism Volume 25, Issue 2, 7 February 2017, Pages 358–373.  Highlighted by Nature 

Fan, J.*, Lin, R.*, Xia, S., Chen, D., Elf, S.E., Liu, S., Pan, Y., Xu, H., Qian, Z., Wang, M., Shan,
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Lin, R.*, Elf, S.*, Shan, C.*, Kang, H., Ji, Q., Zhou, L., Hitosugi, T., Zhang, L., Zhang, S., Seo, J.-H., Xie, J., Tucker, M., Gu, T.-L., Sudderth, J., Jiang, L., Mitsche, M., DeBerardinis, R., Wu, S., Li, Y., Mao, H., Chen, P., Wang, D., Chen, Z., Hurwitz, S., Lonial, S., Arellano, M., Khoury, H., Khuri, F., Lee, L., Lei, Q., Brat, D., Ye, K., Boggon, T., He, C., Kang, S., Fan, J.,and Chen, J. (2015) 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase links oxidative PPP, lipogenesis and tumor growth by inhibiting LKB1-AMPK signaling. Nature Cell Biology   2015 Nov;17(11):1484-96. doi: 10.1038/ncb3255. Epub 2015 Oct 19. *These authors contributed equally to this work

Wang, J*, Luo, C*, Shan, C*, You, Q*, Lu, J, Elf, S., Zhou, Y., Wen, Y., Vinkenborg, J., Fan, J., Kang, H., Lin, R., Han, D., Xie, Y., Karpus, J., Chen, S., Ouyang, S., Luan, C., Zhang, N., Ding, H., Merkx, M., Liu, H., Chen, J.#, Jiang, H.#, He, C.# (2015) Inhibition of human copper trafficking by small molecule significantly attenuates cancer cell proliferation. Nature Chemistry 2015 Dec;7(12):968-79. doi: 10.1038/nchem.2381. Epub 2015 Nov 9.
#Corresponding author; *These authors contributed equally to this work

Kang, H.-B.*, Fan, J.*, Lin, R.*,Elf, S., Ji, Q., Zhao, L., Jin, L., Seo, J.-H., Shan, C., Arbiser, J., Cohen, C., Brat, D., Miziorko, H., Kim, E., Abdel-Wahab O., Merghoub, T., Fröhling, S., Scholl, C., Tamayo, P., Barbie, D., Zhou, L., Pollack, B., Fisher, K., Kudchadkar, R., Lawson, D., Sica, G., Rossi, M., Lonial, S., Khoury, H., Khuri, F., Lee, B., Boggon, T., He, C., Kang, S., and Chen, J. (2015) Metabolic rewiring by oncogenic BRAF V600E links ketogenesis pathway to BRAF-MEK1 signaling. Molecular Cell  August 6, 2015, 59, 345–358  *These authors contributed equally to this work (Featured article highlighted by Nature Reviews Cancer, Cancer Discovery, and Molecular Cell)

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