WPSG Vision and Strategy

The WPSG has not yet defined a specific vision or    mission statement, but if it had these would likely    have included key words such as : (1) viable wild pig populations; (2) all wild pig taxa; (3) threat management; (4) breeding; (5) habitat management; and (6) resolution of conflict with people. Most wild pig species are in decline, especially the various species and subspecies in Indonesia and the Philippines. "The WPSG uses a combination of strategies to try reduce these population declines. This primarily includes (1) research on taxonomy and distribution (the cornerstone of any conservation management -- knowing what is where); and (2) management of captive and wild populations to prevent the extinction of the most endangered species such as the Pygmy Hog and Visayan Warty Pig.This also includes poorly known species such as the two babirusas of the Togean and Moluccan islands, the endemic pig of Bawean, and various possible new species to science in different parts of the Phippines.