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 61.Jungle King

It is the fight between tiger and elephant. If the tiger stands his ground, the elephant will crush him with its mass. But, if he conserves his mobility, he will finally vanquish the elephant, who bleeds from a multitude of cuts. Here you will find some exciting pictures and photos of Indian/Asian/European Elephants and Tigers.
Jungle King

 62.Animals In Dreams

 ➤Explore the animal through top quality desktop Animals Wallpapers for your iphone, ipad, or ipod desktop - give a new look to your desktop through our cool collections of Animals including:
Animal in Dream

 63.Kids Caring Recipes

 ☛Need kids recipes? Get easy and healthy kids recipes here. Treat your child to a wide selection of quick and healthy recipes from breakfast to lunch, plus snacks and desserts.
The App includes:

☛Kids Friendly Drink recipes
☛Kids Friendly Beef recipes
☛Kids Friendly Chicken recipes
Kids Caring Recipes

 64.200+ Swift Cars for iPad

Presenting a huge collection of stylish and new brand cars all round the world. With powerful navigation and Image Processing facilities in the app such as Auto play in both directions, Photo chrome changer, Scrollable photo menu, saving facilities etc enhances the look and feel.
Swift Cars

 65.All About Life

 This app presents different topics covering almost all aspects of Life. Each entry in the list take the user further up-to-date entries about that entry and a tap on any entry shows the full details including Text, Pics, and Videos.