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EPIC Award Nominee - Best Horror Novel of Year

An ancient, mythical predator is alive inside a huge forested city park. Something that shouldn't exist roams the massive woodlands.

Detective Mark Reid and reporter Dani Lake risk their own lives when they enter the night woods to uncover the frightening secrets of The Park.

"FOUR STARS! Action and suspense reign supreme from beginning to end. The Park will keep you on the edge of your seat. Terrific!"  - Huntress Book Reviews



Ten dark tales from the nightscape of human fears.

A black couple on vacation meet horror in a sinister town ... A former astronaut is hunted by hideous enemies ... Broken people make pilgrimages to a haunted forest ... A pack of robotic creatures menace the streets of a city.

Each of these stories pulls you into its nightscape of fear.

Something happened to Julia inside that scary room and she's never been the same.

Teenager Julia Bell spent years held captive in a basement room before she was released.
Journalist Robert Graham locates the adult Julia and wants to do a book on her ordeal, but he gets entangled in a dangerous mystery. A man who got too close to Julia is now missing. Julia is receiving anonymous threats from someone. And Julia Bell herself may still be a deeply disturbed woman.

As Graham digs deeper into Julia's strange life, he unwittingly opens a door on a violent new nightmare.
 "William Wilde is a gifted story teller with an eye for the uncanny and unique."  - Nights and Weekends Reviews

A detective investigates a secret women's society linked to unexplained deaths.

The Society of Medea is a secretive cult of female mystics. Detective Jack Burke believes the cult is behind recent unexplained deaths.

When the leader of the Society, Rachel Williams, is tried for murder, the case becomes a modern day witchcraft trial in a Seattle courtroom.
"This adrenalin-packed, well written, and highly intelligent thriller should be on Best Seller lists - it's that good."  -  Nights and Weekends Reviews
"FOUR STARS! A really great story. Fast moving and very intriguing."  - Huntress Reviews

A realty agent is menaced by an anonymous, obsessed watcher.
 Kay Newman's foolish public flashing stunt is seen by an obsessed watcher, someone who wants her to display herself again. The anonymous phone caller has one menacing demand: "Show me!"

At the same time, two Seattle Police detectives are trying to stop a string of violent assaults by a serial predator on local real estate agents like Kay. The police don't think this predator is the same person who's harassing Kay, but what if they're wrong? What if it's not a random stranger at all who's tormenting Kay, but someone closer who she already knows?
"Has an air of suspense that gives you an edge of the seat feeling."
- Coffee Time Reviews

A freeway crash survivor is haunted by a sinister, phantom figure.

David Price is the lone survivor of a fatal freeway crash, but his nightmare has only begun.
He's followed afterwards on a road trip by a sinister stranger who claims she is a traveling sales rep. When a string of horrible deaths occurs wherever Price goes, he begins to fear the phantom, pursuing figure of The Rep is something not human.
"FOUR STARS! ... for this spooky tale" - Huntress Reviews
"A gripping story with a villain unlike any other" - Coffee Time Reviews


19 chilling stories of Suspense and Horror that sink their teeth into you and don't let go. A murderous vending machine ... A marathon race that never ends ... Junk mail that kills ... A gigantic parking lot with no exit. These stories leave their marks long after you finish reading them.
"These 19 stories will leave you feeling haunted and sufficiently frightend by the most ordnary of things."  - NIghts and Weekends.com Reviews
"FOUR STARS! Highly Recommended!"  - Huntress Reviews