Welcome to the website of West Highland Wheelers.

We've road, mountain bike, time trial and downhill riders and organise a winter mountain bike race series and a summer time trial series, as well as impromptu events. 

Non members are welcome to join in for a ride or an event or two.  If you want to do any more than that, please join and support this resource and the volunteers.  Check out our Membership page

Club Rides are detailed here

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Online membership is here.  

Membership year is from 
1st April - 31st March.

Contact WHW at whwclubemail@gmail.com

        Committee 2016/7

 Chairman     Doug Little
 Secretary     Marian Austin
 Treasurer Gill Barnes
 Minutes Secretary
 Membership Secretary Jacqui Parfitt
 Roadies Rep Peter Berrie
 TT Organiser Nix Forster
 Junior Rep Jack MacCallum
 Downhill Rep Mark Clark
 Newsletter Co-ordinator Evelyn MacLennan
 Kids Club Rep Dave Parfitt
 Child Liaison Gregor Muir
 General Committee Steve Bradley 
 General Committee Paul Jeffrey 
 Bike Festival       Emma Holgate

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Barring any further acts of nature our annual gondola uplift night will now go ahead next Wednesday the 28th of June

Wheelers members get excusive use of the gondola for a couple of hours. Uplift is available from 5 o’clock until 7 o’clock and is free for members.

A valid membership card must however be produced at the bottom station. 

The Pinemartin café will stay open especially for us from 5 o'clock until 8 o'clock.

Participation statements must be completed unless you have a frequent rider card with you. Riders aged 15 and under need to get a parent or guardian to sign their participation statement. To ride the downhill track riders need to be 12 years and above. Riders under 12 may ride the red route provided that they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.

For anyone that has not done the red before please note that it is quite technical, quite rocky, quite long and gets quite far away from assistance – definitely not your average trail centre red!.

Please note that there are no bike patrollers or medical rescue cover and every rider is responsible for their own first aid. Riders are strongly encouraged to ride with a buddy and wear appropriate body armour.

West Highland Wheelers (WHW) Friday night riding 2017 - Downhill & Red Giant

·    TIME: 6pm - 8.30pm

    DATES - Friday 21 & 28 July; 4 & 11 August.

Coincides with Friday ceilidh evenings – ie restaurant and bar will be open, and ceilidhs will be open. There’s a great menu and we are welcome to join the ceilidh…

·   Restricted to: West Highland Wheelers

·         Nevis Range Ticket Office will be manned to 8pm.

·         Cost: pay appropriate ‘single trip’ price but can ride multiple times - £14.50 for as many times as you can fit in.

·         Riders must have a valid ticket

·         Participation Statements must be completed unless the rider has their Frequent Riders Card with them

·         WHW members must show their membership cards

·         There are no bike patrollers or medical or rescue cover and ever rider is responsible for their own first aid.

·         Riders must ride the tracks knowing they might meet walkers etc.

Wed Night rides coming up....


All rides have the option to split into groups for slower / faster / technical / non technical rides

21 June

Nevis Range – 6.30pm at Gondola station

28 June

Nevis Range - Red for the night - see above

5 July

Glen Nevis.  Meet at M&S Dental car park 6.30pm  SOCIAL AT GLEN NEVIS RESTAURANT AFTER

         Prize Winners 2016
 Most Improved Lady Emma Parton
 Most Improved Downhiller Fiona Beattie
 Men's Overall TT       1st Spook
 Men's Overall TT        2nd 
 Men's Overall TT        3rd 
 Ladies Overall TT       1st Frances Dent
 Ladies Overall TT       2nd 
 Ladies Overall TT       3rd 
 Mens Veterans TT Donald Patterson
 Ladies Veterans TT Nix Forster
 Junior Winner TT Alex Dent
 Most Improved Junior Toby Jackson
 Fort to Fort       1st Male Stephen Dent
 Fort to Fort       2nd Male  Donald Patterson
 Fort to Fort       1st Lady Nix Forster
 Fort to Fort       2nd Lady Gill Barnes
 Fort to Fort       Junior Stephen Dent
 Winter League Mens     1st Gavin Linfield
 Winter League Mens    2nd  Jamie Gall
 Winter League Mens    3rd Gregor Muir
 Winter League Ladies   1st Fiona Thompson
 Winter League Ladies   2nd Gill Barnes
 Winter League Ladies   3rd Marian Austin
 Winter League Juniors  1st Alastair Poll
 Winter League Juniors  2nd Shaun MacLeod
 Winter League Juniors  3rd Keir Gibson