Club Instructors

All instructors of Whitwell Hapkido Club are recognised by the International Hapkido Moo Hak Kwan and have many years of teaching experience.  All instructors are constantly striving to improve and upgrade their qualifications.  They are among the most qualified, skilled and hard working martial artists in the country.  We are certain that you will find Hapkido rewarding.  At times it can be challenging but all our instructors are here to help you.

Chief Master Instructor
Sam Plumb, 7th Dan

Sam Plumb began his martial arts training in 1968.  Like many youths at the time, he was impressed by the martial arts he had seen in films and on TV.  He studied various martial arts including Karate and Taekwondo but finally settled with Hapkido because he felt it had more to offer him as an individual.  Whitwell Hapkido Club was the first class he opened in 1981.  Since that time he has become Chief Instructor of the European Hapkido Alliance and has trained extensively in South Korea, the land of Hapkido's birth. His qualifications are registered with the Korea Hapkido Federation in Seoul. The European Hapkido Alliance has member schools in many European countries including Greece, Spain and Poland and Sam regularly travels to these countries to conduct training seminars. He is one of the highest ranked Hapkido Masters in Europe

Assistant Chief Instructor
Nick Sellars, 5th Dan                   

Nick Sellars started his Hapkido training in 1990 under Sam Plumb. He has accompanied Master Sam Plumb all over the world teaching, demonstrating and promoting Hapkido, including several training trips to South Korea.  He is also of the Deputy Chief Instructor of the European Hapkido Alliance.


Cavan Raymond, 3rd Dan

Cavan Raymond is an instructor with almost 20 years experience.  He was one of the priveleged members of Whitwell Hapkido Club to visit South Korea in 2005 where he improved his skills and knowledge of teaching.  He has also accompanied the senior Masters to promote Hapkido in Spain and Poland.