About Hapkido

Translated from Korean, Hapkido means "the Way of Co-ordinated Power":-
  • "Hap"   -   Harmony or Co-ordination
  • "Ki"   -   The body's inner energy
  • "Do"   -   A method or pathway to studying
Hapkido teaches self defence techniques from standing, sitting and lying positions as well as against multiple attackers.  These techniques include joint-locking, throwing, kicking, hand strikes, and falling techniques.  The minimum amount of force is used when applying these techniques and circular motion is utilized making it possible for a smaller person to defend against a much larger opponent.

Hapkido also uses traditional Korean weapons training including the short stick (Dan Bong), Middle Stick (Chung Bong), Long Staff (Jang Bong), Korean Sword (Gum), Rice Flails (Sang Jul Bong), Walking Cane (Ji Pang E), Rope or Belt (Po Bak), Korean Fan (Bu Chae) and Knife (Dando).

Combine these self defence techniques with meditation, lower abdominal breathing and healing techniques and you will begin to see that Hapkido is truly a complete Korean art.