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Student info

Undergraduate opportunities:

We regularly have Laurier University undergraduates participate in independent research, as well as work as research assistants on long-term projects running in the lab. Volunteer positions, directed study, and senior thesis options are all available.

During the summer months, we often offer summer support to outstanding undergraduates from other schools that are looking for research experience.
If you are interested, please send an email to Dr. White explaining why you are interested in the lab. We also need to know something about you.
At a minimum, we need to know what year you are in, if you have had any prior research experience and your major. 
We also would want to know whether you are planning to attend graduate school and in what field. 

Prospective graduate students:

The first step is to study this web site carefully. It would be especially useful to investigate the research and papers pages of this web site. Those pages along with the related pages offer a great deal of information about the history and current research in the lab. After making the effort to study the website,and after reading some lab publications, please send an email to Dr White explaining why you are interested in the lab and ask some questions about the research. In that email, it is helpful if you could describe your prior research experiences. As the first step in the process of determining whether the lab offers an appropriate training opportunity for a prospective graduate student, we need to have a substantive email dialog in order to learn about one another. If this dialog is productive, it may lead to our asking you to visit the lab to discuss the options in more detail.