South Foreland

East Kent Tours that are designed to be different
2019 All prices remain fixed for past 5 years 
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Our tours are designed to ensure visitors to East Kent see some of the more interesting and unusual off the tourist trail sights.  See more from others on Trip Advisor.

Our Mission
South Foreland Lighthouse
To provide visitors to East Kent with a new and unusual view of the landscape and history of this portion of the Garden of England.
Giving our customers a unique insight into the countryside of East Kent and an understanding of how geology and history has formed this corner of England.


Our Services
Cliff Top
We offer a range of standard tours for everyday visitors to East Kent which includes transport. These standard tours normally last approximately 5 hours.

We can also arrange specialist tours, over longer periods, for those wishing to explore the geology of East Kent in much greater detail. These tours can be arranged to extend as far as North Kent or Dungeness.
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