The All Request Sing-along Cover Show

Anything goes during the All-Request Show.
There is no telling which direction the show might take.
. . .  It is the most fun you can have legally!

What Does Bat Do????     Everything!

 All Acoustic, All Requests!!! 

    Bat’s performance is a fun, interactive, and sometimes loud (the audience, not the music) roller coaster ride through the history of contemporary popular music, which includes Rock & Roll, Country, Folk, Oldies, Classic Standards, Pop, Soul, and Original songs. Spanning 60 years of popular songs, there is something for every age group. Bat plays the guitar and sings, while his wife, Brenda, walks through the audience meeting folks and taking requests. The idea is to have a fun, exciting, and memorable night for everyone. 

Videos Posted at Bottom of Page

What Makes Bat Tick???        Participation!

    The idea of live entertainment should be that it is both 

“LIVE” and “Entertaining.”

     A DJ playing CDs, in Bat’s opinion, is not “live,” nor entertaining. When playing a CD, there is no possibility for the artist to make mistakes, nor interact with the room. There may be plenty of music that a DJ can play; in fact with computers everywhere now, there is an infinite amount of music ready at the DJ’s fingertips with the touch of a button. There is no chance that he will sing off key, or play a wrong note. It is perfect. It’s also not very exciting.

     A singer/ musician sitting on a bar-stool in the corner and playing from a selected song list of tunes that he’s learned over years is definitely “live,” but all too often not very “entertaining;” especially after seeing him many times (and hearing the same tunes each time) the performance can become predictable. Without audience involvement, it becomes what musicians term “wallpaper;” or room noise to fill up space during lags in patron’s conversations.

     For these reasons, Bat uses NO pre-recorded music of any kind, does not play along with digital backing tracks, and therefore is not limited to a strictly carved repertoire. No two shows are ever the same, and the songs performed are requests from the audience. The audience dictates the direction, pace, and tone of the evening. There is no songlist!!!!! The show can move into almost any genre at the drop of a hat. And yes, mistakes do happen.

Things That Will Happen:

There will be a LOT of audience singing

There will be audience dancing

There will be a LOT of audience members yelling requests  and general nonsense at the stage

There will be audience members tipping Bat in a jar at the stage

There will be a LOT of stopping songs in the middle to let the audience sing, hoot, howl, or yell

There will be a LOT of fun

There will be a LOT of direct interaction from stage to audience at any moment of the performance.

There will be plugs for the sale of Bat’s CDs over the microphone

Performances DO tend run over time in length as long as the audience is tipping

 Things That Won’t Happen:

There will not be profanity from the stage over the microphone

There will not be sloppiness during the performance due to drunkenness

There will not be disrespect toward any of the patrons

There will not be shabby appearance or attire

There will not be excessively long breaks

Bat will not quit early. He plays from designated starting time until contracted finishing time, and then some . . . . .


Choose a song you like!! These videos are filmed all over the United States and submitted by regular old folks. We make NO GUARANTEE about the QUALITY of the videos- the purpose is to show you how the show goes.


Bat and the Entire Bar Doing a Drum Solo at the Legendary Florabama

The Beatles in Arizona

Bat does Queen in New Mexico

Bat Performs Sweet Child of Mine in Chandler, AZ

Bat Performs a Medley of Requests in Amarillo, Texas

Bat Performs Amid a barrage of Hecklers

Bat does David Allen Coe for a sold out Country Club Show in Texas

Bat does Ring of Fire for an Army of Forest Fire Fighters

Bat does Elvis at the Elk's Lodge

Bat Performs Kiss an Angel Goodmorning by Charlie Pride

Dueling Banjos

Bat Performs Rhinestone Cowboy on the Gulf of Mexico

Bat & Friends tackle Nowhere Man by the Beatles

Unusual request for Locomotive Breath by Jethro Tull

Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones

Ain't No Sunshine by Bill Withers

Classical Gas by Mason Williams

Alice in Chains' "Rooster" in Saco, Maine

Black Velvet, featuring Kristi- Lead Singer of Texas' Walton Stout Band

One of These Nights by the Eagles in Taos, NM

Sesame Street in Dallas, TX

White Rabbit by the Jefferson Airplane

Bat Performs Styx in Texas

An Encore which features Bob Marley, Bad Company, and Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon

John Lennon's 'Imagine' accompanied by Jan Scearcy interpreting with ASR