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Dustin's 1966 Sports Coupe

On a hot July 23, 2016 Dustin's 1966 Falcon Futura Sports Coupe was delivered.  We also received some suspension & brake parts from a 1968 V8 Falcon Sports Coupe.  These parts will convert the '66 over to disc brakes a posi-traction rear and 5 lug wheels.  The 200 cu. in. six cylinder was not running and also apart.  One of the previous owners had removed the spark plugs.  Believe it or not, a mouse built a nest in one of the cylinders.  The cylinder head had to be removed since the engine did not turn over.  We sent the head out for a valve job.  We removed the engine & tranny.  Dustin cleaned and painted the engine and engine compartment.  We installed the engine & tranny on October 12th and then got it running on October 21st.  The engine sounds great and the tranny feels real strong.  We had a small electrical problem.  The wipers would not turn off and the gages were working erratically.  The problem was a disconnected ground wire under the dash.  After connected, everything worked great.  Check out the pictures below for the progress on this project.





Dustin found a hood scoop from a Torino Cobra Jet on craigslist.  It fits great.





Nesting with Bonnie Blue (A '68 Falcon Futura 4DR Sedan).



The disc brakes and the posi-traction rear are from a 1968 V8 Falcon Sports Coupe.
The wheel rubbed the brake caliper.  We added some washers but still had to grind some off the calipers.

Five lug V8 wheels now on the front. 
NOTE: These wheels were on Dustin's Mom's 67 Falcon.

Engine cleaned and ready for paint.

Painted and ready to install.

Hello.... CJ Pony,  How do I turn a 200 Six into a 302 V8 ? ? ?

Guess Who, yes it is Dustin under that hood sand blasting the V8 rear end housing. 

               V8 5 lug rear painted and ready to install the brakes.

            4 lug six cylinder rear end housing removed.

5 lug V8 posi-traction rear end installed with new brakes.

                                                      Getting engine aligned for installation. 

After some installation issues the engine & tranny are finally installed.    
Engine now running nice and smooth .... WOW ! ! !

           Jamaican Bucket Seat.   

First trip around the house (10/21/16).

Finally got rid of the ugly back bumper with the tow hitch. 
This beauty of a bumper was on Bonnie Blue.


The heater core was leaking and needed replaced.  We found a mouse apartment house in the heater box.

Found a beauty of a hole on the driver's side.

                                              Dustin grinds the surface to weld in the patch.
                                            There is one to match it on the right side also.

Dustin starts to weld the patch panel on the left side.  Okay, on to the right side.

WHAT A HOLE ! ! ! 

   Welding the panel.


             Dustin cleans up after the back window is removed to replace the leaky seal.

The new rubber is installed on the back window.

     The old head liner is removed.


Headliner going back in with the help of Dustin's Grandma (Pam) and Mom (Lora).

Instrument cluster frame & dash trim repainted.

The previous owner wrapped string around the transmission shifter shaft
and then applied caulk to try to stop a leak. 

             Stripping the body down to bare metal to remove the lacquer paint job. (Just before Memorial day 2017)

                  All down to bare metal THEN painted in primer and THEN the edges painted Lightning Blue.


Working on the Falcon during the Big Eclipse (8/21/17).
Listening to Ray Charles & Stevie Wonder on Pandora.
The (Old) Blind Leading the (Young) Blind.

October 8th, 2017
Painted but not good.  A few runs and a lot of dirt.  We didn't clean the garage very well.

October 14th, 2017
Getting ready for the clear coat.  Sanded the runs with 400 & the rest of the car with 600.
Cleaned the garage from top to bottom.  Clear coat goes on tomorrow.

Dustin made it to his first car show @ LB Smith on October 21st, 2017.

Fall 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

Dustin Home on Leave After Marine Boot Camp (9/4/19)