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1968 Futura 4 Door Sedan - Bonnie Blue

Have you ever given your car a name?  This Falcon's name is "Bonnie Blue".
That was the nick name Rhett Butler gave his daughter in "Gone With The Wind".
Bonnie Blue was purchased in 1988.  The left front fender and door had some damage.
The Falcon only had 38,000 miles showing on the odometer.  She now has 98,000 miles.
This Falcon has been in 25 states going to FCA National and Regional meets.
She has won many awards.  She is most proud of her "Longest Distance" awards.
NOTE:   The background on this web page is a hand made quilt. 
                It was made from FCA National T-Shirts and made with a lot of "LOVE". 

Purchased in 1988 (20 years old)

At Carlisle All Ford Show (year ????).  Notice stock deluxe hubcaps.
2010 FCA Convention in Dearborn Michigan. 
Blew out the muffler on the way home from the 2010 FCA National Meet in Dearborn Michigan.
I was told by the people following us that a ball of flames came out from under the car as the muffler blew out.
We thought a tire had blown but when we pulled over all tires were fine but it had a mean growl.
 Bonnie Blue & Red Butler sitting at the "Heartbreak Hotel" in Memphis, TN (2008).
Bonnie Blue & Red Butler in Nashville, TN at the American Picker's store (2013).
FCA National Meet in Louisville, KY (2012)
                        Rebuilding the carburetor.   
2008 FCA National Convention in Springfield, MO.


                       Coker Tire in Chattanooga, TN (2013)
2013 at the first Tennessee Chapter regional at the Choo-Choo hotel in Chattanooga, TN. 

 Red Butler & Bonnie Blue at the 2006 Carolina Chapter Regional in Kannapolis, NC

Bonnie Blue made another trip to Kannapolis, NC for the Carolina's 2014 Regional meet.




Bonnie Blue "Nesting at Home".