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1963 Futura Convertible

Check out this "Springtime Yellow" convertible.  1963 was the first year for the Falcon convertible.  This Falcon sat in the back of the garage watching 3 other Falcons get restored and several other daily drivers getting repaired.  This Falcon needed a lot of work and was not all there when brought home in 1981.  The top was down and not all there.  The complete interior was gone.  The back bumper was missing and the engine didn't run.  An inspection of the engine (when home) found several freeze out plugs had popped out of the 260 V8.  This Falcon was then taken apart over 20 some years and not done in a methodical manor.  A butter dish full of clips and bolts and many bags of parts were not marked for re-assembly.
When complete this Futura will be sporting a 4 speed transmission, a "Hot 260 V8", wire wheel spinner hub caps and bucket seats. It will have a black interior and a black convertible top.  Check out the pictures below for a drive down the road of recovery for this Falcon Futura.
NOTE:   The background on this web page is a hand made quilt. 
                It was made from FCA National T-Shirts and made with a lot of "LOVE".
  Finaly down off the rotisserie
 At the body shop.  The paint is almost dry.
2 coats of truck bed liner all over the bottom.
 Check out all the parts getting that super coat of epoxy primer.
 Rebuilding the steering box.
YES..... There are 82 needle bearings and 62 individual ball bearings inside the steering box.  You do need a tray with a lip for this intense project.  Don't let any of those teeny tiny balls get away.

 Some help from Dick Harrington's Tech Tip on rebuilding a steering box.
 All Back Together ! ! !
 Bringing the rebuilt 260 V8 home on it's special skid designed to eliminate major injury.
 This V8 will use an alternator instead of the stock generator.  Check out that FORD 4 barrel carb.
Can you believe it!   When sanding the dash, several holes were found the size of a pencil.  That's what a parts car is good for.  Luckily, it was in great shape.    
Tried to use some large head screws from the back and then weld in place. 
After cutting the dash out it was revealed how thin the metal was for welding.
The dash is all back together after a long project.
Front suspension.

Back view with all the trim, tail lights and bumper.                   

 Quarter Windows Installed & Door Assembled.                                                                                                                  (Needs Weather Strip)       

Rear Quarter Window and Parts and Door Wing Window Assembly
It's time to put the engine & tranny in the convertible.                                                                        Tyler checks out the alignment for the clutch plate to the tranny. 

Dustin is ready to get this thing installed.                                                                                          Okay, quit looking so serious and get this thing in the Falcon.


Okay, it's finally going in.                                 
Tyler guides it in from the pit.

It's finally in..........but the headers need to be installed.

The headers are installed.  Here's a view from the pit.

All done....... Let's have a (root) beer.

Jake helps install the heater hoses.

Convertible top frame needs cleaned and painted.

Installed the sound deadening material to the floor.

The front end was too high so I removed one coil from the front springs.


Check out the color mismatch on the front fender/door.
Rear Quarter panel lighter.

On the tow dolly heading for the repaint.


All back together and ready for the rag top.

Dual exhaust installed at Old Gold in Fontana.

Ragtop Installed


Carpet & Seats Installed


Pam sews the carpet to hide the rough edges.

Door Panels Installed



260 V8 bored .030 over, 289 heads, Doug Long Tube Headers, Ford Cast Iron 4 Barrel Intake with the Ford 4100 Four Barrel with a 1 Inch High Rise Spacer. 

The Falcon by the cherry tree with the American Flag in the background.

2016 KCFCA 18th Regional Meet near Bethel, PA

BEST of SHOW Stock Award



Fall 2016


A Falcon meets a Mustang
Who's Your Daddy?

 Check out the web album below for a view at the day the Falcon came off the rotisserie.